New Zealand’s largest apple exporter implements Croptracker

Croptracker, Inc. has announced a long-term adoption and service level agreement of its crop management and record-keeping software by Mr Apple New Zealand Ltd, a private corporation that has built itself a reputation as the country’s largest fully-integrated grower, packer, and marketer of apples.

Mr Apple New Zealand Ltd, a private corporation that has built itself a reputation as the country’s largest apple exporter, is deeply committed to product quality and traceability and is therefore a natural fit with the Croptracker platform, a cloud-based crop management platform that combines RFID with data systems, weather stations, soil sensors and user-inputted data to help fruit and vegetable growers, co-ops and various associations.

They began in 2006 with just a small group of growers in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Since then, Croptracker has provided fruit and vegetable growers with advanced solutions to drive an increase in production efficiency and traceability while decreasing overall operational costs.

Croptracker has a mission to develop technology to help the fruit and vegetable industry become more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. Now, it has over 2,000 users from 41 countries.

According to Jegg Chemeres, chief strategic officer of Croptracker, the team is excited to begin working on this partnership with Mr Apple.

“Like the team at Croptracker, every person within our partner’s global operation is focused on bringing the very best product to their end-user. We are excited to be working with them on our ongoing paths to operational and product excellence,” said Chemeres.

Andrew van Workum, chief executive officer of Mr Apple, claimed that the organisation has – after an international search – selected Croptracker because it is a well-established and comprehensive solution that creates orchard operational efficiencies and is easy to use.

“We are looking forward to rolling it out across all our orchards, which is a significant step for Mr Apple and 1,300 staff will rely on the Croptracker software,” shared van Workum.

They operate over 1,100 hectares of apple orchards, have over 2,000 staff at its peak and gross national exports account for approximately four million cartons worldwide.

Focused on delivering the very best-quality apples, it stands for their products being “100% traceable to its origin, safe and pure”.

Moreover, Mr Apple has food safety and traceability certifications from some of the most demanding programmes in the world.