New Video Gives Step-by-step Guide to DA3+ Mix-proof Valve Maintenance

Alongside its state-of-the art technology, SPX FLOW invests a great deal in ensuring comprehensive support services for its solutions. The latest of these is an online video that takes the user through the standard maintenance procedures for its Delta DA3+ double seat mix-proof valve.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., USA, August 15, 2016 – SPX FLOW, Inc.’s APV Delta DA3+ is a double seat, mix proof valve with seat lifting that is designed to offer superior hygienic performance and is widely used in brewing, beverage, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical applications. All wetted parts of the valve can be comprehensively cleaned to ensure hygienic operation and the unit has two independent seat sealing arrangements to stop incompatible fluids from inter-mixing. Leakage is also minimized and any that does occur is safely drained off through a large cavity to atmosphere when the valve closes.

As with any valve, regular maintenance is required to ensure continued optimum performance and reliability. The new video released by SPX FLOW, gives customers a clear and detailed walk-through of the standard maintenance procedure. It shows what tools are required and takes the viewer through every stage of the maintenance process with detailed instruction and unambiguous video imaging. The video enables personnel to carry out maintenance with confidence, minimizing potential risks of damage to the valve and ensuring work can be carried out in a timely manner without issue.

SPX FLOW is committed to supporting its customers and developing online service videos are just one modern addition to its vast portfolio of offerings. The DA3+ video is the latest in a series of videos covering standard service procedures for routine valve maintenance. All are designed to ensure the equipment is properly maintained for maximum operating life and continued process integrity.

The Delta DA3+ Double Seat Mix-Proof Valve maintenance video can be found on YouTube: