New trends identified in Kerry’s whitepaper on stocks and broths

Global consumer demand for “real” ingredients has moved brands and manufacturers towards cleaner labels and more natural whole foods and sustainable cooking processes – and firmly away from artificial ingredients – in their stocks and broths, according to the whitepaper.

Kerry has released a chef’s whitepaper outlining emerging trends and ideas in stocks and broths in today’s new era of clean labelling in foods.

The Creating Authentic Flavour from an Ageless Kitchen Tradition whitepaper examines stocks and broths from a chef’s point of view, starting with a tour around the modern world and the historical roots of stocks and broths as the world’s earliest and first flavour enhancers. Interviews with Kerry chefs and culinary product development professionals follow, focusing on their personal styles in stock-making and the trends – such as umami and kokumi – they see emerging.

The five trends identified in the whitepaper are:

  • Replacing tastes using stocks and broths to infuse food with flavour;
  • For product developers, making ingredients more clean-label in nature;
  • Developing and commercialising new products such as immune-support sipping broths that utilise Kerry’s Wellmune, a yeast beta glucan;
  • The introduction of sipping broths in a wide range of flavours and which provide plant protein fortification to increase their nutritional profile; and
  • Proactively using clean-label stocks and broths to satisfy consumer calls for authentic, natural, full flavours.

Consumer demand for authentic foods and beverages has moved brands and manufacturers in a new direction – towards whole-food cooking processes, sustainability and cleaner labelling. The drive for authentic ingredients is on, and it is where stocks and broths created using kitchen-focused methods hold a clear – and clean – advantage.

Commenting on the new whitepaper, Thomas Couepel, global portfolio director, stocks and broths, Kerry, said: “It’s clear the overall trend in stocks and broths is towards whole food, kitchen-style production, and clean-label ingredients that deliver the rich, authentic taste consumers want. Demand for clean labels will only increase as we go forward, and this extends to the stock-and-broth sources many menu items use as their foundation. Creating Authentic Flavour from an Ageless Kitchen Tradition provides information on trends and new ideas from the marketplace and Kerry kitchen experts.

“Kerry’s stocks and broths are prepared using kitchen-replicating practices, and they deliver the authentic tastes consumers really love. Consumers are highly concerned about sustainability, with more than 50% of millennials striving to purchase from ethical brands. In short, consumers will reward brands that aggressively pursue sustainability goals with loyalty, so it’s vital for cuisine developers to take this into account when developing new menu items, or when rejuvenating established selections with interesting new tastes from an ancient kitchen tradition.”

Kerry’s portfolio includes a wide variety of kitchen-developed stock and broths developed using traditional cooking methods and which help its customers deliver wholesome, authentic taste experiences for today’s consumers. Themed From Our Kitchen to Yours, the collection includes both pure and specialty stocks, with rich savoury tastes created using pantry ingredients. This is a natural product made from scratch using meat, bones, vegetables and herbs that are slowly simmered, strained and reduced.