New-tech standing pouches cut fresh food waste

Divine Flavour adopts StePac’s modified atmosphere standing pouches for extending produce shelf life in the retail sector.

StePac, a supplier of packaging for fresh produce, has gained growing interest in the retail sector for their functional standing pouches. The resealable bags are developed with the company’s Xgo advanced modified atmosphere/modified humidity (MA/MH) technology. They are designed to lengthen the shelf life of fresh produce, and reduce the waste in supply chain as well as in the consumer’s homes. The pouch enhances consumer experience and concurrently helps raise the fresh food packaging sector to greater ethical standards by contributing its part to the global waste reduction effort.

Divine Flavour, a California-based distributor of fruits and vegetables and part of Grupo Alta, has employed StePac’s Xgo standing pouches. The Xgo standing pouch is engineered to combine shelf-life extension capabilities by actively slowly the aging and ripening process, with the convenience in an attractive grab-and-go retail packaging format.

Since 2010, Divine Flavour has been a user of StePac’s Xtend line of bulk packaging for transporting its squash, cucumbers and bell peppers from growing regions in Mexico to the US. The company began testing the new Xgo standing pouches two years ago in a move to expand their line of products and bring differentiation of their brand by offering supermarkets a means of bringing the packaging benefits all the way from the farm to the consumer.

Xgo standing pouches have enabled the company to shift packing fresh produce in the final retail format at source. The Divine Flavour technical team adopted the protocol last year for director field-to-home refrigerator packaging of its Persian cucumbers for the US market. It has then garnered interest of fresh produce distributors around the globe.

Michael DuPuis, quality assurance and public relations coordinator for Divine Flavour, commented: “The Xgo standing pouch is a high performing product, with an ability to retain freshness and meaningfully extend product shelf life. The feedback from our customers has been excellent; they’re happy with the quality and attractive appearance, and the fact that it has that sustainability edge consumers are seeking.”

The full article is published in the latest edition of Food & Beverage Asia Feb/Mar 2021 issue. To continue reading, click here.