New SO-3 screw compressor from BOGE

BOGE has expanded its portfolio with a new, energy-efficient SO-3 oil-free screw compressor that achieves delivery rate values at a lower specific power consumption

With the introduction of the SO-3 oil-free screw compressor, BOGE has improved the energy efficiency of its SO series. The specific power consumption has been increased by 8%; this increase is based on an intelligent concept. The newly developed air-end of the compressor offers low speeds and subsequently low compressor temperatures, as well as a wear-resistant design. The integrated IE4 drive motor also contributes to its efficient and cost-effective operation.

Efficiency is further increased by the cooling system, which features low compression and output temperatures. While the screw compressor is compact, the components are easily accessible for maintenance purposes. Specific sound insulation measures have also been implemented to effectively reduce noise levels. The compressor is available with frequency control and heat recovery, as required.

“What BOGE offers is maximum flexibility and additional options to increase efficiency. The heat recovery enables up to 94 percent of the applied energy to be used to heat the service water and for the heating system,” remarked Nalin Amunugama, general manager of BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.

In the total-cost-of-ownership evaluation, the compressor stood out for its low total costs over its entire life cycle. Further advantages include the large control range, quiet and maintenance-free operation and the option to recover heat from hot water temperatures of up to 90°C.

Optimum adjustment to existing requirements

The SO-3 is also equipped with the optional service tool BOGE connect. The compressed air expert provides a comprehensive compressed air management system.

“All of the operating parameters are continuously recorded, visualised and analysed in our portal Potential optimisations can be identified and maintenance measures can be implemented proactively,” Amunugama explained.

With options to connect adsorptions dryers and other accessories, the new SO-3 screw compressor from BOGE is a customised solution for a variety of applications. The screw compressor is designed for applications that require large quantities of high-quality, oil-free compressed air. This ensures the compressor can be used in a variety of applications in different sectors, including the pharmaceutical, food and drink industry right through to the textile industry, mechanical engineering applications and industrial coating companies.