New Plastic Food Packaging Film is Made from Ultramid® Polyamide Based on Renewable Raw Materials

  • A.J. Plast’s new BOPA food packaging film is made from BASF’s Ultramid® polyamide
  • A groundbreaking methodology replaces fossil raw materials with renewable feedstocks, reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions
  • Quality films extend food shelf life with barrier to oxygen and flavor

Bangkok, Thailand – June 17, 2016 – Consumers with an interest in sustainable living can now enjoy their favorite foods with a sustainable packaging alternative. Developed by A.J. Plast, a leading film manufacturer in Southeast Asia, the biaxial-oriented polyamide (BOPA) films adopt BASF’s Ultramid® biomass balance* polyamide, which is derived from renewable raw materials.

Food packaging made from the new film helps maintain food quality as it provides good oxygen, moisture and aroma barriers as well as good heat and chemical resistance. It is therefore ideal for packaging applications including vacuum packaging, retortable pouches, and cold form blisters for favorite foods such as sausage, cheese and curry.

According to The Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility 2016, 63% of consumers in Asia Pacific said that their sustainable purchase considerations are most influenced by packaging. “As a leading supplier of high quality polyamide for the packaging film industry, it’s our job to help customers and consumers to understand that they no longer need to choose between quality and functionality when it comes to packaging options. With our Ultramid®polyamide, it’s possible to have products with smart packaging that maintain high standards for quality, sustainability and environmental protection over traditionally-packaged options,” said Garrie Li, Vice President, Polyamides and Precursors, Monomers Asia Pacific, BASF.

“It is our pleasure to work with BASF on the development of this innovative and sustainable packaging material which is now featured in our product portfolio. The new BOPA film has the same high quality as A.J. Plast’s BOPA film standard. We are also delighted in taking part in reducing the consumption of fossil raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions.” said Kittiphat Suthisamphat, Managing Director, A.J. Plast.

The BOPA film, made with Ultramid® biomass balance polyamide, has the same properties as BOPA film made with convential polyamide based on fossil raw materials. Without compromising on quality and performance, the use of bio-feedstock helps save fossil resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

With more than 60 years of experience, BASF is the leading supplier of high quality polyamide and polyamide intermediates for the engineering plastics, film, fiber and monofilament industry. By providing the high quality products, chemical processes, scientific research, and technical competences, BASF is capable of satisfying customers with service and product innovations. BASF operates Ultramid polymerization plants in Ludwigshafen, Germany; Antwerp, Belgium; Freeport, USA; and Shanghai, China.