New Pack for Edible Oil

RPC Promens Innocan has launched a range of PET containers that are ideal for the edible oil sector, offering a variety of benefits for both manufacturers and consumers.

The excellent clarity of PET and the wide labelling area of the pack enable manufacturers to maximise brand image and on-shelf appeal, while the material’s inherent barrier properties help to deliver a long shelf life.

For consumer convenience, the lightweight, ergonomic design ensures safe and easy handling, and the overall strength of the container means no outer pack is required. The central neck also allows easy pouring with no glugging.

The lightweight, stackable containers deliver excellent pallet utilisation (for example.45 x 20 litre containers per Europallet) to maximise loads and minimise costs. In addition, the lower transport costs, which mean a lower carbon footprint, and the fully-recyclable containers provide valuable sustainability benefits.

The container is available in a range of standard sizes – 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20 litres – allowing companies to create family ranges to meet their requirements, with no tooling costs.