New feeding and dosing brochure from Gericke

GERICKE feeding installation

Accurate and reliable feeding of bulk materials is at the heart of many processes. Whether feeding into a continuous mixer, an extruder, mill, reactor, rotary kiln or any other process, accurate metering of bulk solids is key to process control and ensures highest product quality standards.

The new Gericke brochure “Competence in Feeding” gives an overview about the various types of dosing and feeding technologies used in powder handling. Different feeding technologies are explained with typical application fields, providing a guideline to understand the dosing principles and select the best fit. Besides traditional screw feeders, vibro feeders and rotary valves are also described and compared.

Additionally, volumetric and gravimetric executions are covered, as well as the new Turbo Compact Mixing line, which combines feeding and mixing in a very compact and easy-to-clean design.

The brochure complements the already available publications about mixing, pneumatic conveying and rotary valves. They are available as a download from the Gericke website or in printed versions from the Gericke sales offices.