New Fast Lane Service for GEA Separators Significantly Shortens Repair Times

Following a series of optimisation measures at its Center of Excellence (COE) in Oelde, GEA has already began significantly reducing the general repair times of its separators. Infrastructure and organisational improvements, as well as the appointment of an Assessment Coordinator, have enabled numerous synergies, resulting in inspection and repair times being reduced by up to 40% worldwide. For particularly urgent cases, GEA is now offering a Fast Lane Service, which enables affected separators to be repaired in less than 10 days, depending on the requirements.

Even the short-term breakdown of a separator can, in worst-case scenarios, halt the entire production which can result in heavy economic losses for companies. Such situations require quick analysis and repair. In most instances, the separator must be transported to a certified GEA workshop to ensure authorized repair by the original manufacturer, which includes the necessary safety tests. Shipment, reporting, repair, inspection and return require a certain time frame, which can be bridged via bowl rentals or spare parts – however, this is not always the optimal solution for customers. GEA has therefore developed a Fast Lane Service for particularly urgent repairs, which are handled by a dedicated team who take care of these prioritised requests. These employees work alongside GEA’s regular diagnostic and repair service teams, but have the advantage of being able to exclusively handle prioritized cases more quickly. The Fast Lane Service is offered for separators in all application areas with a surcharge based on bowl diameter.

The Fast Lane offer is currently limited due to capacity and time considerations. For this reason, a small steering team will decide on the urgency of each repair based on diverse criteria. Once a repair is prioritized, the operational team takes over the order, managing the entire process which includes cooperating with the specialist departments as well as arranging for the dispatch of parts and repaired machines – reducing overall lead times by up to 80%.

With its considerable reduction in repair times and optional Fast Lane offer, GEA has achieved an important improvement in its service which is a clear plus for customer satisfaction.

The new Fast Lane Service for GEA Separators enables repairs in less than 10 days (GEA).