New cookie weight control technology

Baker Perkins has introduced new cookie weight control technology for wirecut machines making cookies, filled cookies, bars and filled bars, providing significant potential for improved profitability. 

The new TruWeight assisted weight control system for wirecuts reduces variations in cookie piece weights by individually adjusting the output from each die cup. 

In tests, standard deviation on sugar dough has been improved by 52%, from 1.26g to 0.60g (on 49.2g pieces); while on chocolate chip dough the improvement is 33%, from 1.57g to 1.05g (on 42.7g pieces).  In practical terms, this means that the offset between the average and target weight of dough pieces can be much smaller, reducing giveaway without producing underweight product.

The savings in dough and waste – and  economic benefits – are significant, even though weight control on the Baker Perkins TruClean Wirecut is already best-in-class. TruWeight enhances this by enabling operators to quickly detect and accurately compensate for process variations that can affect piece weights over time and across the width of the line. 

The system simplifies the gathering and processing of weight data and instructs the operators on the adjustments necessary to each lane.  Operation is simple.  During production, prompts from the HMI guide the operators through a systematic weight check procedure with the data being fed directly to the PLC via Ethernet/IP.

This calculates average weights, compares them with the target stored in the recipe and recommends to the operator which lanes to adjust and by how much.  Manual and stepper-motor actuators are available, with the latter enabling changes to be made without stopping the machine.   A patent is pending on this new system.

The Baker Perkins TruClean servo wirecut brings automation and economy to the production of wirecut.   Outstanding flexibility and process control are key attributes of the patented two-axis servo system. Tailored profiles can be created for each individual product and loaded at the touch of a button, improving ease of operation, product changeover times, cleaning and maintenance. 

By adding an encapsulation module the product range is extended to include cookies with fillings completely enclosed by dough. This is the first time that these products can be produced on a standard wirecut at high production rates.