New clinical study reports OptiMSM’s potential to relieve joint discomfort in healthy adults

OptiMSM is a source of sulphur, a key component of the building blocks of joints and connective tissue

A new clinical study conducted in Japan has revealed that OptiMSM, an brand of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) from Balchem Human Nutrition & Health, has shown improvement in overall joint health and comfort relative to placebo, even when used at a low dose of 2g per day.* These findings present an opportunity for supplement brands interested in the mobility space by innovating joint health solutions with science-backed ingredients. 

The study, “Methylsulfonylmethane Improves Knee Quality of Life in Participants with Mild Knee Pain” was a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that set out to evaluate the effects of oral consumption of MSM in relieving mild knee joint pain. Published in the scientific journal Nutrients, the study evaluated 88 healthy adults who were experiencing mild pain in the knee joint(s), and consumed 2g of OptiMSM or a placebo daily for 12 weeks.

The participants were evaluated at four, eight, and 12 weeks for pain and stiffness in the knees during daily life activities. The assessment included reports of pain when walking, when ascending or descending stairs, and any variance in range of motion, and fluid build-up in the joints. At the end of the 12 weeks, evaluations measured through the JKOM scoring system showed significant reductions in morning pain, nocturnal pain, pain while standing, and overall health condition in the MSM group compared to the placebo group.* Nocturnal pain and pain while standing were also reduced after eight weeks of MSM consumption.

OptiMSM is a source of sulphur, a key component of the building blocks of joints and connective tissue, which rely on sulphur for proper structure and function. Several pre-clinical and clinical studies have shown OptiMSM’s potential to support joint health and its ability to aid in the production of the crucial antioxidant glutathione,* managing oxidative stress and building healthy joints and repairing them post-exercise and activity. Supplementation with OptiMSM has also been previously linked to relieved joint pain and reflected the improvement of several indicators of joint conditions, in clinical studies with patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis.*

“We are particularly excited about this study as it was the first carried out on healthy adults, and to highlight OptiMSM’s potential to be effective at just two grams per day,” noted Eric Ciappio, PhD, RD, strategic development manager and nutrition scientist for Balchem Human Nutrition & Health. “We are fully committed to leading the way with industry-leading clinical studies, and this trial provides us with the confirmation that all the benefits reported from clinical and pre-clinical studies on patients with ostheoarthritis could be applied to healthy adults, changing the landscape of joint health formulations.”

“Joint health is a priority for people across multiple generations who are proactively seeking ways to ensure a good quality of life as they age,” said Lauren Eisen, strategic marketing and BD manager “In addition, according to the World Health Organization by the end of the decade one in six people worldwide will be over 60,* which presents the opportunity to prioritize staying active. High-quality, innovative ingredients like OptiMSM will play a pivotal role in joint health segment growth.”

* References available on request