New clinical study finds blend of four botanicals with anti-ageing benefits

The polyphenol-rich blend of botanicals from Suanfarma can preserve telomeres, as shown in a study

A new clinical study has supported the anti-ageing skin benefits of Eternalyoung, a blend of four botanical ingredients from Monteloeder, a subsidiary of Suanfarma. Eternalyoung is the result of extensive research and contains several polyphenols that work synergistically to provide anti-ageing benefits for the skin.

Suitable for beauty-from-within supplements, the formula combines pomegranate (Punica granatum), sweet orange (Citrus sinensis), desert ginseng (f. Cistanche), and gotu kola (Centella asiatica) which, together, demonstrate abilities to promote better skin moisturisation, radiance, and elasticity.

The research, led by Vincenzo Nobile, PhD, at the Complife Italia Srl in Pavia, Italy, was published in the journal Cosmetics in Jan 2023. It was a 12-week randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of 60 women aged 35-69, all of whom exhibited signs of both sun-induced and chronological skin ageing, specifically mild to moderate wrinkles and dark spots.

Each participant received a hard gelatine capsule of 225mg of the Eternalyoung complex or a placebo to take daily for a period of 12 weeks. The study analysed several parameters of skin health via various measurement methods. The botanical blend intervention visibly and structurally improved the skin and reduced signs of ageing, without side effects.

Statistically significant improvements in wrinkle depth, elasticity, firmness, skin thickness, skin moisturisation, epidermal water loss, and dark spots pigmentation were observed as early as four weeks. Subjectively, subjects who consumed the botanical blend reported that their skin felt more “radiant, healthy, and youthful”. They also reported a reduction in stress and fatigue, suggesting the blend’s potential to promote overall well-being.

Skin ageing is a gradual process that is associated with the loss of some fundamental skin properties, that results in dryness, wrinkles, and pigments, among others. This process is influenced by a complex range of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. It is becoming increasingly clear that using topical products alone is not enough, and a more holistic view of skin care is needed, including a healthy diet, physical and mental well‐being. This awareness is driving the demand for natural plant‐based nutricosmetics.

“Extensive scientific research has demonstrated that botanical phenolic compounds have a wealth of benefits for preserving the appearance and function of ageing skin,” explained Miguel Poza, nutra division director of Monteloeder. “This inspired us to craft a unique botanical blend designed to synergistically target the underlying mechanisms of skin ageing and enhance beauty from within. The Eternalyoung blend is the result of extensive research and experimentation on numerous botanical actives for their antioxidant and melanin-inhibition activity, as well as their ability to boost skin cell proliferation.  Another goal was to find the right combination of ingredients that could reduce telomere shortening while activate telomerase, an enzyme that helps maintain telomere length and in turn, stimulate rejuvenation.”

According to previous studies, the consumption of specific phenolic compounds native to the Eternalyoung blend — specifically punicalagins, flavones, phenylpropanoids, and triterpenes — benefit skin due to both antioxidant and anti‐inflammatory properties that modulate or reduce different cellular pathways involved in the skin ageing process.

The clinical study was a follow-up to a previous in vitro study in a cell line of human dermal fibroblasts that demonstrated the patent-pending, four-extract botanical blend could counteract key mechanisms involved in the skin ageing process, including slowing down telomere shortening rates and reducing the percentage of critically short telomeres. Termed the origins of youth, telomeres have been found to play a central role in longevity.

The fountain of youth

Telomeres are repetitive DNA base units that protect the chromosome “caps” during cell division. The telomeres shorten after each cell division until they reach a certain length where the cells cease to divide and they enter senescence, producing inflammatory cytokines that disrupt the function of the cells and surrounding tissues. This causes a decline skin’s natural self-regenerative potential and a reduction in the collagen and elastine fibres. External factors, such as stress, diet, sun irradiation, and environmental pollution, can hasten telomere contraction.

“The positive effects observed in this study could be due to the capacity of this formula to boost fibroblast proliferation and reduce oxidative stress and glycation,” explained Poza. It also maintains the skin’s youthful state by targeting the fundamental cause of ageing. By maintaining telomere length, Eternalyoung prolongs cell lifespan, stimulating ageing cells to act like young cells. Since it has both corrective and preventive impact, it is suitable for both younger consumers seeking to prevent the signs of ageing, as well as mature consumers searching for a solution to ageing skin. As a multifunctional ingredient that targets a number of skin issues, nearly anyone can benefit from incorporating Eternalyoung into their skincare routine.”