Navigating the future: The Dutch seafood industry at Seafood Expo Asia 2023

As one of the most advanced seafood industries in the world, the Netherlands is home to quality seafood products

In an era marked by the global pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and a burgeoning awareness of climate change, the food and beverage industry finds itself at a crossroads. As demand for sustainable and high-quality products grow, especially in the Asian market, countries and businesses worldwide are re-evaluating their practices. One such country at the forefront of this evolution is the Netherlands, known globally for its innovative agricultural and fishing techniques. As a participant in the upcoming Seafood Expo Asia 2023 (SEA) at Marina Bay Sands Expo in Singapore, the Netherlands aims to highlight its seafood industry’s strengths and relevance to Asian clients and consumers.

The Netherlands’ seafood industry is one of the most advanced in the world, utilising innovative technologies and sustainable practices to ensure the highest quality of seafood.

“We are incredibly excited to be a part of SEA 2023,” said Marijn Leijten, senior programme manager from The Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO. “This event provides a fantastic platform for us to showcase the innovative and sustainable practices of the Dutch seafood industry. Together with the eight Dutch companies in this mission, we look forward to fostering meaningful connections and collaborations with our Asian counterparts.”

A testament to sustainable practices 

The Dutch seafood industry is committed to sustainable fishing practices that ensure a harmonious relationship with the marine ecosystem

Eco-conscious consumers will find much to admire in the Dutch commitment to responsible sourcing. The industry operates under the principles of minimising environmental impact, endorsing practices like rotational fishing, trawling limitations, and by-catch reduction. These sustainable methods ensure a harmonious relationship with marine ecosystems, a feature of mounting importance to Asian clients increasingly interested in eco-friendly options.

The quality advantage 

Dutch seafood employs advanced fish, processing and transportation technology to ensure products are kept at high standards; robust research into quality and sustainability also supports the industry

Dutch seafood is renowned for its quality. The sector uses advanced fishing, processing, and transportation technology, ensuring that the products reaching the market are of high standards. Moreover, robust research and development efforts support the Dutch seafood industry, aimed at continually improving quality and sustainability. This focus on quality and innovation is particularly significant for Asian markets, where seafood is a staple, and consumers are discerning about the products they consume.

Tailored to Asian preferences 

The Netherlands is improving the quality and availability of fish species which are popular in Asian cuisine

The Dutch seafood industry has also made strides in tailoring its offerings to suit the preferences of Asian consumers. Recognising the popularity of certain fish species in Asian cuisines, the Netherlands has worked to ensure the availability and quality of these varieties. Additionally, the Dutch seafood industry has developed new products and processing methods that align with the tastes and culinary traditions of the region.

Partnership opportunities 

The SEA 2023 event offers an excellent opportunity for networking and forming partnerships. Asian businesses and clients attending the event can engage with Dutch representatives and companies to explore potential collaborations. Whether sourcing high-quality seafood, adopting sustainable fishing practices, or leveraging technological advancements, the Dutch seafood industry presents many opportunities for Asian stakeholders.

Looking Ahead 

As the world grapples with the challenges of a changing climate and the need for sustainable food production, the Dutch seafood industry stands as a model of innovation and responsibility. For an Asian market in constant flux but ever-rooted in practice, the Netherlands is a valuable partner at SEA 2023. Visitors can visit the Dutch booth at M19 between 11-13 Sep at Marina Bay Sands Expo in Singapore to learn more and explore potential collaborations.