Natural pomegranate extract shown to support skin health

Euromed’s pomegranate concentrate Pomanox® shows beneficial effects on different skin health parameters. A study carried out with the extract by the Eurecat Technology Center, a leading research company in Catalonia, Spain, found that it may reduce hyperpigmentation, attenuate oxidative stress induced by excessive UV radiation, promote the maintenance of skin strength and ameliorate skin dryness.[1] These results suggest that Pomanox® is a promising ingredient for nutricosmetic applications.  

By using in-vitro models, the researchers aimed to investigate the possible beneficial effects of Pomanox® on skin health. In particular, they evaluated the extract’s capacity to modulate collagen and hyaluronic acid metabolism, protect against skin ageing caused by UV radiation and inhibit tyrosinase activity – an enzyme that catalyses the production of melanin in the skin.

The scientists found that the tyrosinase-inhibiting effect of Pomanox® is comparable to that of commercial tyrosinase inhibitors, such as thiazolidine. Thus, it can reduce hyperpigmentation by decreasing melanin synthesis. In addition, pomegranate is a rich source of polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties and inhibit pro-inflammatory enzymes, as confirmed by the study. Therefore, Pomanox® has the potential to counteract oxidative stress caused by excessive exposure to UV radiation. It was also found that Pomanox® may help improve skin dryness caused by UV rays, by positively modulating hyaluronic acid and collagen metabolism in photoageing conditions.

Another factor that plays an important role in the ageing process is ever-decreasing collagen levels, which means the skin loses its strength and structure. However, Pomanox® could help maintain skin elasticity through its positive modulation of the collagen metabolism, as demonstrated by the increase of pro-collagen type I and total collagen in the cell fraction, and a significant inhibition of MMP-1 levels, the main inhibitor of collagen synthesis. Inhibition of MMP-1 is also an area of interest for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

In summary, the results suggest that preventive and regenerative treatment with Pomanox® may support skin health – whether in the form of nutricosmetics, functional foods, beverages or pharmaceuticals. Pomanox® is a natural standardised pomegranate fruit concentrate obtained from pomegranates cultivated in Mediterranean regions of Spain through sustainable farming, is available in organic form, and extracted with an eco-friendly, water-only proprietary technology. Beyond skin health, Pomanox® is also known to provide proven bene­fits for cardiovascular conditions, metabolic health, sports nutrition, mood and cognitive health.

1 Marine R. et al. (2020): In vitro evaluation of Pomanox® effects on different parameters associated with skin health. Eurecat Technology Centre.