Napasol launches roast finish module, adding roasting capabilities to Statisol pasteurisation lines

The Napasol pasteurisation process delivers the highest food safety while maintaining the raw characteristics of nuts. The inclusion of a roast finish module to the Statisol pasteurisation line has allowed adding a precisely controlled roasting step. The pathogen control step is performed in the pasteuriser allowing the roast finish module to deliver a full range of time and temperature parameters to develop the perfect roast.

The launch of the roast finish module is a major development for Napasol with roasting capabilities added to its very successful pasteurisation business,” said Dieter Kundig, CEO of Napasol. The addition of the roast finish module in line with the pasteuriser opens new commercial possibilities for processors expanding their product range with roasted nuts.

The unique roast finish process allies all the benefits of the batch process with all the advantages of the Napasol product flow. In the Napasol lines the product moves through the processing line safely loaded in bins. The successive process steps are applied to the product in the bin in which it is preheated, pasteurised, roasted and cooled. The product moves undamaged through the Napasol line without breakage, scuffing, waste, or dust.

This Napasol design has multiple benefits including better control of pasteurisation and roasting parameters in a batch process. With the bin logistics, product damage and waste are reduced, down time for cleaning is minimal, and maintenance and operating costs are low. The batch roast finish module allows defining recipe parameters for each nut for reaching specific colour and flavour development targets. For raw pasteurised product, the bins pass directly through the roast finish module without roasting. The roast finish module can also be retrofitted on existing Napasol pasteurisation lines.

The first roast finish module goes into commercial operation at Patiswiss, Gunzgen, Switzerland in March 2022. Patiswiss supplies nuts and dry fruit ingredients to the confectionary and food industry for which food safety is a requirement and pasteurisation is necessary as a preventive control. The addition of the roast finish module will enable Patiswiss to widen its product portfolio and supply a range of flavour and texture profiles adapted to customer specific needs.

Napasol sells its pasteurisation technology with applications for nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and other low moisture foods. With over 35 pasteurisation plants up and running worldwide, Napasol is the market leader in the pasteurisation of tree nuts. With the Napasol roast finish module, the roasting step is subsequent to a validated pasteurisation process, as a result a wide range of parameters can be applied to produce desired nuanced colours, flavours and textures.