Mondi partners Hütthaler to create recyclable plastic packaging

Hütthaler has launched the packaging for meat and sausage products in Austria, where the new thermoforming film is fully recyclable in existing plastic recycling streams.


Mondi, a provider of packaging and paper solutions, has partnered with Austrian meat producer Hütthaler to produce a fully recyclable thermoforming film made from a mono-material for their meat and sausage products. The film is made of a mono-material solution that can be fully recycled, and provides a barrier to protect the food and extend its shelf life.

Dr Florian Hütthaler, owner of Hütthaler, explained: “It was particularly important in our animal welfare project to act as sustainably as possible not only along the entire value chain, from agriculture to the consumer, but also in terms of packaging solutions. We were able to implement this in cooperation with Mondi due to their expertise and experience in sustainable food packaging.”

Hütthaler’s requirement was to replace the previously used film with a recyclable solution. The company was looking for a more sustainable approach that would not compromise on quality or the attractive presentation of the food.

Hütthaler approached Mondi to provide an alternative. Using its EcoSolutions approach, Mondi was able to reinvent the packaging for Hütthaler by maintaining optimum functionality while replacing less sustainable packaging, reducing raw material usage, and designing packaging that was ready for recycling.

Thomas Kahl, project manager for EcoSolutions at Mondi Consumer Flexibles, said: “We worked with Hütthaler to find a more sustainable approach that still meets the high food standards, preserves shelf life and ensures runnability on the machines. The new film meets all these requirements, and also helps to save disposal fees due to its recyclability.”