MISTA members collaborate to create the platform’s first plant-based customer-ready product

MISTA has announced the launch of its first member co-created product: a plant-based yoghurt base that can help get customers from development to market quickly. The yoghurt base was co-created by MISTA members AAK, Chr. Hansen, Givaudan and Ingredion, bringing together some of the best parts of each of the industry leaders’ innovative and advanced solutions.

Made from high quality, sustainable, clean label ingredients, MISTA’s new plant-based yoghurt base sets a new benchmark for a great tasting, universally appealing plant-based yoghurt. The yoghurt brings together a wide range of technologies that include plant-based proteins, designer cultures, specialised protein binders and flavours with unique functional enhancers. 

“Givaudan’s industry-leading protein binder and masker flavour solutions help mask off notes in plant-based proteins, while also enhancing the flavour profile and release,” said Catherine Bayard, global product manager at Givaudan.

“The state-of-the-art texturising cultures from Chr. Hansen help enhance the performance of the plant proteins and starches to create an appealing mouthfeel,” said Ross Crittenden, senior director of commercial development at Chr. Hansen.

“Ingredion’s highly dispersible and clean tasting pea and faba proteins provide the nutrition, taste and mouthfeel that is key to a great plant-based yoghurt,” said Greg Aloi, vice-president customer co-creation and applications at Ingredion.

“AAK’s functional combination of fats that are tailor-made for a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, gives the yoghurt a dairy-like taste,” said Ted Lengwin, plant-based business development lead at AAK.

“MISTA was created to evolve the food system for the future and to do so, we need like-minded companies, both big and small, to join forces and work on new initiatives in a collaborative way that has not been done before,” said Scott May, founder and head of MISTA. “We call this effort curated collaboration and this new plant-based yoghurt base is the direct result of it. This is the first of many more collaborations to come.”

Samples of MISTA’s plant-based yoghurt base are available now for customers in the US, Europe and some parts of Latin America. Any large, small or emerging brand can utilise this base to accelerate their time to market and tweak the formulation to meet their brand requirements.