Mineral ingredients for value-added solutions: Omya at foodpro 2023

Image: Kier in Sight, via Unsplash

Omya will showcase a range of natural ingredients at foodpro 2023, all of which address processing challenges while also promising additional health benefits. Non-nano Omyafood 120 and Omya Calcipur are two new flow aids that offer anti-caking properties as well as an optimal supply of calcium. Particles provide a porous structure with moisture-binding capabilities to aid free flow of all kinds of powders, without lumping or dusting. In addition, the very fine particles are suited for applications that require a reduction in mechanical interlocking or colour enhancement, thanks to the ingredient’s further functionality as a white pigment.

The demand for powders for convenience foods, drinks, sports nutrition and nutraceuticals is on the rise, but this also creates processing challenges. A frequent problem is caking caused by temperature and moisture fluctuations during storage or transportation, resulting in a loss of quality in the end product. Porous and non-nano Omyafood 120 particles prevent these issues with to their strong absorption and moisture-binding capabilities. Their porous structure also delivers reduced mechanical interlocking. The low-dust ingredient not only enhances flow but also allows for improved packaging, storage and product quality throughout the supply chain, resulting in better performance for the end-user. Futhermore, as well as boosting the calcium content of end products such as vegan drinks, the Calcipur range can also enhance crispiness of wafers and create white coated chocolate lentils — an example of the prototypes which will be available for sampling at the show.

For nutraceutical applications, the excipients Omyanutra 300 DC and Omyanutra 300 Flash will be presented. They allow for fast disintegration due to the porosity of the particles, which supports the safe carrying and release of active ingredients. Both ingredients allow for free-flowing, directly compressible blends and provide better compactability at low compression forces compared to benchmark excipients, such as lactose and microcrystalline cellulose. Omyanutra 300 Flash contains a superdisintegrant, making it an all-in-one solution for orally and fast-dissolving tablets (ODTs/FDTs) regardless of the hardness of the solid dosage form.

Stefan Lander, vice-president of consumer goods, group sales and marketing at Omya, said: “For more than 130 years, Omya has been committed to producing sustainably processed, high-quality ingredients using state-of-the-art technology to achieve utmost functionality while also respecting nature. We are happy that our mineral specialities and exclusive distribution portfolio allow manufacturers to create future-proof finished products that are natural, effective and easy to process.”