Mettler-Toledo unveils enhanced ProdX data management software for food manufacturers 

The updated data handling software will provide greater efficiency, productivity and sustainability for the food industry 

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has announced the latest version of its advanced data management software, ProdX. Designed for food manufacturers, ProdX 2.6 will improve data handling, quality control and operational efficiency in the food industry. 

The primary objective behind the new software enhancements to ProdX 2.6 was meeting the demands of food manufacturers searching for comprehensive, efficient and data-driven solutions. Designed for quality control and data management in food production, ProdX 2.6 integrates with Mettler-Toledo product inspection equipment – x-ray inspection, metal detection, checkweighing and vision inspection – facilitating the secure collection and management of critical inspection data.  

Whether monitoring reject statistics, contamination events or generating reports, the update provides users with a higher level of accessibility and automation. In industries such as food manufacturing, where precision and efficiency are key, ProdX 2.6 addresses these priorities head-on. It allows manufacturers access to data to make informed decisions to improve production line performance and meet the highest quality standards. 

Improving dData Management for Food Manufacturers 

ProdX plays an important role in food manufacturing by collecting and safeguarding inspection data from product inspection devices. It acts as a repository, archiving the data in a tamper-proof central server while offering the flexibility to generate ad-hoc or automated reports. 

With the newly updated ProdX 2.6, user are able to enjoy key additional benefits, including:

Optimised web dashboard: In the latest update, ProdX 2.6 features a web dashboard. This web-based interface offers users the ability to access and monitor their data on smart devices like tablets and smartphones, eliminating the need to install additional software applications.  

Users can review critical information, such as reject statistics and contamination events, and generate reports by accessing the dashboard via a web browser. This update opens new avenues for data accessibility, making it available to anyone connected to the network, whether wirelessly or through a cable connection. Users with VPN access can also conveniently view data through their web browser. 

Streamlined user experience: The updated software also simplifies the user experience by enabling workers to use their ProdX login credentials to access Mettler-Toledo product inspection equipment. This integration enhances operational efficiency and offers a smooth transition between tasks, promoting ease of use. 

Automated reporting: Another improvement to ProdX 2.6 is its capability to automate the generation of final evaluations and summary reports. This streamlines reporting processes, allowing users to trigger final evaluations at the end of product runs, shifts or days automatically. Additionally, users can program automated reports in various formats and delivery methods for daily, weekly and monthly summaries. By automating these processes, users gain valuable insights by comparing runs, shifts and specific time frames, thus identifying opportunities for improvement. 

Enhanced changeover: The new software also provides food manufacturers with increased flexibility and efficiency during product changeovers. Manufacturers can switch over their product inspection systems simultaneously or selectively, either from a master device or remotely. This feature is particularly valuable in industries with extended manufacturing processes, such as chocolate production, where batch changeovers can occur while products move along the production line.  

This newly enhanced product changeover functionality reduces downtime and minimises product wastage, therefore promoting sustainability and cost savings. As it is a paperless system, ProdX also encourages environmental sustainability by reducing daily paper usage. 

Peter Spring, ProdX product manager at Mettler-Toledo, said: “ProdX 2.6 represents a leap forward in manufacturing productivity. By simplifying and automating documentation and reporting processes, this new version eliminates the arduous task of manual data compilation that manufacturers once grappled with. Administrative productivity receives a substantial boost, freeing up valuable time and resources that can now be channeled into more strategic and value-added activities. These combined enhancements, alongside the sustainability improvements ProdX 2.6 offers, are poised to greatly improve the way food manufacturers operate, enhancing productivity, efficiency and sustainability.” 

Other key updates to the software include: 

Product validation capability: For x-ray inspection systems, ProdX 2.6 introduces a product validation capability, a feature for maintaining product setting integrity. This capability provides a visual indicator to confirm that the system is inspecting a product using validated setting parameters. In the case that any parameters are altered, the login used and the changes made are recorded. Additionally, the x-ray system’s product parameters are stored in ProdX for remote viewing, regardless of whether these parameters can be edited remotely. 

Open platform communication unified architecture (OPC UA) weighing technology Integration: ProdX also complies with the open platform communication foundation’s weighing technology companion specification, facilitating effortless integration with checkweighers within this standard. This integration streamlines the connection between ProdX and third-party checkweighers and allows for data exchange, enhancing overall operational efficiency and providing manufacturers with real-time insights critical for precision control and compliance.