Mettler Toledo enhances lab applications with autosampler

The autosampler is an effective solution for extensive analysis material and a wide range of instruments

Mettler Toledo has enhanced the effectiveness of its UV/Vis spectrophometers with the InMotion autosampler feeding samples for analyses. In addition to the standardised 25 to 100mm sample volumes, customised sample racks can be developed for individual customer needs. This advances laboratory automation, for which the company offers further instruments and sound advice.

With standard sample volumes of 25 to 100mm available in a modular system, the InMotion autosampler performs well with extensive analysis material from the chemical and beverage industries. The UV/Vis spectrophotometer can also be easily connected to the InMotion via an immersion probe or flow cell, making it an effective tool in a range of instruments the manufacturer has developed for efficient and safe automation of analytical processes.

Mettler Toledo advises that spectrophotometric automation brings the most significant efficiency gains when customised. Hence, the company focuses on information and advice right from the start. For the very first step towards automation, Mettler Toledo provides informative documentation in the form of a guide and webinar.

Both the guide and the webinar can be accessed free of charge on Mettler Toledo’s website.

Users can expect a collection of impulses and decision-making aids. It is also suitable for facilities that do not yet have any instruments from the company. Interested users can receive individual consulting from Mettler Toledo.