Metal closures for food packaging are now manufactured with BASF’s biomass balanced plasticiser Hexamoll® DINCH BMB

BASF’s trusted non-phthalate plasticiser based on renewable raw materials contributes to saving fossil resources and carbon emissions, while Tecnocap’s proven closure quality remains and ensures a superior sealing performance in this sensitive food-contact application

Tecnocap, an Italian-based global metal packaging manufacturer, has utilised BASF’s non-phthalate plasticiser Hexamoll® DINCH BMB for sealing gaskets inside its metal closures. Sealing gaskets ensure leak-proof containers, protect products from contaminants and preserve product quality throughout a long shelf-life. The metal closures of Tecnocap are used by some of the biggest consumer brands in food, baby food and beverage packaging worldwide.

Tecnocap is strongly committed to pioneering innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. Specialised teams work together with suppliers and the world’s best-known consumer brands to improve existing products and reach sustainability targets. To meet customer expectations for transparency and sustainability, the company has chosen BASF’s biomass balanced plasticiser Hexamoll® DINCH BMB.

“Working together with customers and suppliers like BASF to enhance packaging sustainability credentials is a strategic focus for us. With the introduction of the Life Cycle Assessment approach and obtaining an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), we can measure the environmental impacts of metal closures and reduce their impact according to our Sustainability Action Plan, which aims at considerably reducing the CO2 emissions by 2030,” said Michelangelo Morlicchio, chief executive officer and president at Tecnocap Group “This initiative is in tune with consumer trends and reflects our commitment to manufacturing more responsible packaging solutions.”