Mencom presents smaller, faster, safer, and easier rectangular connectors

Industrial electrical connectors have consistently faced the challenge of being smaller, faster, safer, and easier in the modern manufacturing era. These four keywords have been one of the manufacturing trends in the automation industry with the following implicit requirement: “The components and connectors are required to be small and compact while being waterproof and resistant to vibration to withstand in rugged environments”.

Mencom offers the new compact enclosure series engineered for ease of assembly and simplicity in mind. These fully metallic enclosures are available in size 32.13 exclusively and their hoods are designed in one piece for any wiring combination with a robust stainless-steel lever. They can be served as EMC (electro magnetic compatibility) enclosures and are corrosion resistant thanks to the conductive layer of galvanic zinc plating on the surface.

Mencom also offers new crimp inserts, CQM-08E and CQF-08E, for these metal enclosures. The inserts incorporate PE (Protective Ground) plates specifically designed to be bonded to the surrounding metal enclosures, providing connectivity continuity between the PE contacts and the metal enclosure. The interior of the hoods and base has internal keys designed to match the inserts with the corresponding keyways to prevent the accidental and dangerous installation of the insert without the PE plates.