Meet the Inventor of the Industrial Food Emulsifier at Food Ingredients China 2017

2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of one of the most important inventions in industrial food production, namely that of the world’s first industrial food emulsifier, the Palsgaard Emulsion Oil, by Danish entrepreneur and philanthropist Einar Viggo Schou. This patented emulsifier has since become the basis of all industrial food emulsifiers and it revolutionized the food processing industry around the world, including that of China where Palsgaard is now stepping up activities.

Juelsminde, Denmark. 10 January 2017 – For the past 100 years Schou’s company, the now global Palsgaard A/S, has been continuing in his footsteps and has become an unsurpassed expert in developing these special ingredients that allow oil and water to mix and thereby add a series of benefits to industrial food production.

Now, Palsgaard is sharing its expertise in emulsifiers and their applications with food manufacturers in China as the company prepares to open an application center in brand-new facilities in downtown Shanghai. Opening in February, it will include bakery, dairy and ice cream testing facilities where Palsgaard’s application technologists can co-develop new, emulsifier-based products with customers. The company will also appear at Food Ingredients China (booth # 51P70/51Q71), showcasing a variety of high-performing emulsifiers and emulsifier/stabilizer solutions:

Create healthier cakes

In baking, Palsgaard will present its Emulpals® cake mix emulsifiers and its Palsgaard® SA range for industrial baking. Both ranges which come in easy-to-use product form enable healthier cakes as the emulsifier will stabilize even high amounts of liquid oil in aerated and non-aerated cakes with delicious, soft and moist results. Bakeries can also move from saturated to unsaturated oils for major health benefits. Completely vegetable-based, and free of allergens, trans fats and sugar, Emulpals® and Palsgaard® SA suits all recipes from vegan to gluten and/or sugar-free, easing product development

Creaminess, mouth-feel and heat-shock stability

Using our broad range of custom designed emulsifier/stabilizer solutions, our specialist will help you achieve the desired emulsion stability, texture, creaminess, mouth-feel, whippability and foam structure in a broad range of dairy products – from UHT-recombined milk and whipping creams to yogurt and non-dairy creamers. Just as we’ll help your moulded and extruded ice creams beat the dreaded heat-shock effect and remain ice crystal free.

Solving puff pastry problems

Margarine manufacturers and industrial bakers can also learn about Palsgaard® 1311, an emulsifier blend that solves four major production challenges without requiring additional machinery or expertise: how to remove lecithin, reduce fats, prevent browning of high-sugar products and create highly efficient shortenings.

High performance and quality chocolate manufacture

Confectionery producers visiting the show will enjoy hearing about the new lecithin-beating emulsifier Palsgaard® AMP 4455. This sunflower-based emulsifier ensures control over the viscosity of any chocolate – without the taste or odour downsides of lecithin – and at vastly reduced dosages. When combined with Palsgaard® PGPR 4150, the most powerful PGPR on the market, chocolate manufacturers can create quality products for less.

According to CEO Jakob Thøisen, inventing the commercial food emulsifier was just the beginning for Palsgaard. “By inventing the commercial food emulsifier, we changed the game of large-scale food production and we’re still at the forefront in this field. Today, however, we are also leading the charge toward sustainability, with 100% of our largest production facility already fully CO2-neutral – and RSPO Segregated palm oil-based, all-vegetable, non-GMO emulsifiers are at the core of our product range.”