MC Mühlenchemie develops new flour treatment toolbox for millers worldwide

Through research and development, MC Mühlenchemie has improved and expanded its solutions for standard flour treatment (Image: MC Mühlenchemie)

Enzymes are at the heart of modern flour treatment. They help millers compensate for commodity fluctuations, and ensure constant flour quality. Through research and development work, MC Mühlenchemie has improved and expanded its solutions for standard flour treatment. The new product collection encompasses enzymes, all-in solutions, and colour improvers, and is a response to the increasingly complex challenges faced by millers.

The new improver toolbox contains eight products: six for baking and two for pasta applications. The six baking products comprise five enzymes with specific activities that can be combined as desired, and an all-in solution that unites a wide range of enzyme activities. The collection also contains an enzyme compound and colour compound for pasta-making. All these products provide mills with efficient flour improvement based on the latest enzyme technology.

The eight new products feature broader applications, improved functionality, and economy. The modular toolbox approach makes it possible to respond to widely varying harvest conditions and application-specific requirements like baguettes or sandwich bread. It is universal and designed to meet the needs of the global milling industry. To celebrate the centenary of MC Mühlenchemie, all the new products also bear the label “100” to symbolise the company’s development.

The MC100 anniversary collection

Alphamalt A 100
With expanded properties, this new fungal alpha-amylase offers a wider range of applications than other alpha-amylases. MC has gone beyond singular enzyme activity to cover the entire processing sequence with Alphamalt A 100, from precise adjustment of the falling number in the rheology to the improved dough properties and the baking characteristics and an appealing golden-brown colour of the baked goods.

Alphamalt HC 100
Hemicellulases (xylanases) are essential for working dough. Alphamalt HC 100 improves elasticity and extensibility of the dough in equal measure and gives more power to the fermentation and baking phase. Alphamalt HC 100 can be combined with other hemicellulases.

Alphamalt EFX 100
This new lipase from MC’s EFX technology covers the entire flour lipid spectrum, to modify lipolytic activity for optimum flour quality. The use of Alphamalt EFX 100 results in an elastic dough that can be worked very well. It also gives the dough additional stability, especially during rising. The oven kick enabled by this lipase conserves the gas bubbles formed during baking all the way through to crust formation. This results in additional volume of the final product, which customers perceive as “flour with extra power.”

Alphamalt PLP 100
MC’s first phospholipase supports dough processing, machine workability, and fermentation tolerance. It also improves volume and crumb fineness, and can substitute for emulsifiers. Alphamalt PLP 100 can supplement Alphamalt EFX 100.

Alphamalt Gloxy 100
Its properties for boosting stability make this new glucose-oxidase a dependable solution for dealing with weak flours. Alphamalt Gloxy 100 shows its strengths particularly well in long rising times. In the first working phase, it promotes a robust and dry dough consistency, ensures stability in long and changing rising times, and prevents collapse during transfer. It makes collapsing dough issues a thing of the past.

Powerzym 100
This new combination product is an all-in-one solution for even simpler and more economical flour standardization. Instead of mixing many different enzymes, Powerzym 100 provides users with all the enzyme activities a standard treatment should deliver, in a single product – including ascorbic acid. Powerzym 100 is the ideal solution for millers looking for comprehensive improvement in their basic treatment. Designed to do it all, Powerzym 100 works in all yeast-risen baked goods and gives dough and baking stability, higher yield by volume, and a nice split.

Pastazym Pro 100
This solution aims to improve the firmness and cooking stability of pasta. In particular, the latest addition to the Pastazym product line increases the bite firmness of cooked pasta while reducing starch loss during cooking, making it easier to handle cooked pasta. It also assures consistent quality of the pasta in different cooking methods and times.

MCcolour 100
An innovative development for improving pasta colour, this solution offers pasta manufacturers a way to improve the way their products look, with a unique yellow glow that makes pasta stand out visually. A special advantage of MCcolour 100 is that the colour intensity is retained in cooking and there is no colour loss to the cooking water. It can be declared as “free from” since it is a natural colouring. Whether for dried, fresh, or other pasta, MCcolour 100 can be integrated problem-free into production processes.

For producers who care about colour as well as texture, a combination of MCcolour 100 and Pastazym Pro 100 is a good solution.