LEAK-MASTER PRO 2: Leak testing for (almost) any packaging size

Reliable, fast and user-friendly, the LEAK-MASTER PRO 2 from WITT tests the leak-tightness of modified atmosphere packaging

The LEAK-MASTER PRO 2 from WITT tests packages for escaping CO2, which features in many modified atmosphere packages. To do this, a vacuum is generated in the test chamber. If there is a leak, the protective gas escapes from the test product, which is detected by CO2 sensors. The packaging remains intact during the test.

The test takes only a few seconds — a significant time saving for the inspector. In addition, the procedure is reliable and precise. Depending on the packaging and the test conditions, even the smallest leaks down to 10μm can be reliably detected. In other words, precisely the micro-leaks that cause problems for many manufacturers.

Operating the PRO 2 is simple: Place the product in the chamber, close the lid and start the test via the touch display. The test is carried out automatically with a preset vacuum and over a defined period of time. LED illumination of the chamber provides a clearly visible signal of the test result: if the packaging is leak-proof, the chamber lights up green; if the packaging is not leak-proof, the chamber lights up red.

The PRO 2 has a compact design and requires little space. In the standard version, the unit is operated with compressed air. Benefit: The Venturi nozzle used to generate the vacuum is extremely low-maintenance and durable, which reduces operating costs. Optionally, a version with an electric vacuum pump is available, for all chamber sizes.

All measurement results including date, time, product details and name of the tester are stored and can be exported for archiving. It is also possible to analyse the data using MS-Excel, for example. The LEAK-MASTER PRO 2 manages up to 1,200 products as well as names, passwords and barcodes of up to 60 users.