Krones to showcase process technology solutions for plant-based drinks and other applications live at the Anuga FoodTec in Cologne

The VapoChill cooling tower from Krones is available in different throughput sizes and is not only suitable for use in the beverage industry but in all sectors requiring cooling energy

Plant-based drinks are currently one of the most promising beverage categories – certainly in the European and North American markets. Whereas for many years now it has been hard to imagine supermarket shelves in Asian countries without milk alternatives based on oats, almonds, soya and similar plant sources, North America and Europe are somewhat late developers in this field. However, regardless of when the trend started, plant-based drinks will offer enormous potential anywhere in the world in the near future.

Three line concepts for producing oat-based drinks

Krones can draw upon long years of experience in process technology not only for dairy products and sensitive beverages but also for water, CSDs and beer. The group is now upgrading this business field to include the requisite technology for making plant-based drinks as well. The main focus here is on the production of oat-based drinks.

At the Anuga FoodTec 2022, Krones will premiere three concepts for different process variants, ranging from an affordable starter set-up based on learning by doing, and a fast and reliable solution that keeps down investment costs for new line technology; right through to an integrated, high-end concept where the main emphasis is not only on top product quality but also on sustainability aspects.

Krones and its two subsidiaries, Milkron and Steinecker, are an effective trio when it comes to plant-based-drinks production. The three companies score highly in terms of their huge fund of expertise, comprehensive consultancy services and line technology that is tailored to suit every application scenario.

Krones cooling towers: not only for the beverage industry

Krones’ process technology team primarily offers solutions for beverage and food producers. Krones and Milkron have been venturing into new territory with their VapoChill –the cooling towers from the VapoChill series are ideally suited for all industries which require cooling energy at some point in their production process. The housing of the VapoChill is made completely of stainless steel, which means that the system is built to last. Further significant benefits are its hygiene pluses: sloped surfaces that allow water to run off, the elimination of dead ends in the pipework, and small volumes of water inside the cooling tower. All these advantages have earned the VapoChill the “hygienic design” designation. A cooling tower from the VapoChill series will be one of the exhibits on Krones’ Anuga stand, in order to demonstrate its numerous practical advantages.

Krones will also be showcasing further elements from its broad-based process technology portfolio, chief among them the Evotube heat-exchanger modules and homogenisers from HST, as well as valves and pumps from its Evoguard product range.

Krones’s representatives are looking forward to presenting these and all the other process-technology solutions from Krones and its subsidiaries to an interested trade public from 26-29 Apr 2022 in Cologne.