KHS develops compact flash pasteuriser for container segments

Compact design, energy efficiency, simple installation and fast commissioning – these are some highlights of the Innopro BoxFlash from KHS. The German engineering company first presented its flash pasteuriser machine for small- and medium-sized breweries four years ago. The technology is now available for several new areas of applications – where it was initially used in keg racking, it is now compatible with the glass, can and PET contain segments.


As with all process engineering systems from KHS, the turnkey supplier also uses as many identical parts as possible on the Innopro BoxFlash. For instance, components taken from other series machine include the buffer tank and frame from the Innopro Paramix programme, KHS’ three-component blending system. The buffer tank is placed horizontally inside the frame.

Gerold Tandler, process technology product manager at KHS, explained the team reduced the size of the tank down by 25% to 1,500 litres. This has the advantage that the system no longer has to be dismantled for shipping, supplied in parts and repiped and rewired on site as it is shipped as a complete unit. KHS added that this also reduces logistics costs by at least two-thirds, and shortens the time needed for installation and commissioning on site.

Simple installation, optimum pasteurisation
Besides attaching the machine feet and mounting the overpressure valve to secure the buffer tank, the remaining work that has to be done on site is to connect the relevant lines, and the Innopro BoxFlash can go into action. In addition, the sled systems for product pumps is included for maintenance.

The pasteurisation temperature can lie between 60 and 75-degree Celsius, and the heat retention period is 30 seconds. To Tandler, the advantages are obvious, as he explained: “The Innopro BoxFlash combines optimum, safe product treatment with an extremely small footprint – plus it’s effective, and saves on resources.”

Ideal for small- and medium-sized breweries
As with the Innopro KZE C that has the capacity of up to 600 hectolitres per hour, the procedure on the Innopro BoxFlash has been designed to the requirements of the brewing industry. With a maximum output of 45 hectolitres per hour, it is designed to cater for small- and medium-sized breweries, however.

In combination with a KHS Innokeg CombiKeg, the compact flash pasteuriser can also be equipped with the optional OnBoard CIP module. KHS fitted two keg parking stations and dosing pumps for the CIP media in the system for this purpose. This allows for the cleaning of the flash pasteuriser and filler after production.

“The system’s overall volume is so small that CIP times can be significantly shortened, readying the system for production again very quickly,” he added.

Prepared for Industry 4.0
Finally, the integrated IO-Link communication system improves the monitoring of the extensive sensor setup. It allows communication between the sensor and the controller, and a permanent feed of diagnostic information right down to sensor and actuator level. The Innopro BoxFlas is then prepared for predictive maintenance and, with an eye to Industry 4.0, all geared up for the future.