Key Technology introduces new enhancements for rotary sizing and grading systems

Key Technology’s new Lubed for Life bearings for their rotary sizing and grading systems

Key Technology has introduced new features for their rotary sizing and grading systems. This family, which includes the precision size grader (PSG), rotary size grader (RSG), and sliver sizer remover (SSR), enables vegetable, potato and fruit processors and packers to mechanically size and grade product while removing small pieces, debris and other targeted material. Available with newly optimised rollers, Lubed for Life bearings and drive covers, Key’s rotary sizing and grading systems improve product quality control, increase yield, maximise sanitation, and reduce maintenance.

“Our rotary sizing and grading systems have set the industry standard for decades. As the market leader, we’re always developing new ways to improve our popular, field-proven equipment to optimize it for the modern age,” said Jack Lee, Duravant Group president for food sorting and handling solutions. “By advancing our technology, we offer our customers the very best solutions for solving current as well as future production challenges.”

New grooved rollers on the SSR facilitate the same high throughput as traditional SSRs but with more precise product grading. PSGs retrofitted with the new grooved rollers achieve the same high precision as traditional PSGs, but with higher product separation efficiency. Ideal for wet potato strips and other cuts, with more applications in development, the grooved rollers are available as an option on new SSRs and as a field upgrade for installed SSRs and PSGs.

The new Lubed for Life bearings, now standard on Key’s PSG, RSG and SSR and available for retrofitting, include a permanently-lubricated stainless-steel insert and newly-developed blue polymer housing made from EC1935-compliant material. Inside the bearing is an oil-saturated polymer material – as the bearings run, heat is generated, which activates the polymer and lubricates the bearing. Unlike traditional bearings that require the regular application of grease, the new Lubed for Life bearings improve sanitation, reduce maintenance and maximise durability.

An updated cover for the PSG, RSG and SSR features a new singular latch mechanism instead of bolts, allowing easier access to the drive system, adjustment system and bearings for cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, perforations on the side of the cover provide better visibility while the cover is closed and enable an operator to spray through the perforations during routine cleanings.

Key’s rotary sizing and grading systems are available in widths from 61 to 201cm (2 to 6.6ft) and can achieve capacities less than 1.8 metric tons (4,000lbs) to more than 20.4 metric tons (45,000lbs) per hour. All systems are 100% metric. Featuring on-the-fly tuning, no pinch points, self-cleaning stainless-steel rollers and sealed stainless-steel bearings, these systems enhance product quality and increase yield while reducing maintenance and improving sanitation.