Keeping an eye on inventory at all times: Compact pressure sensors and level switches ensure safe milk storage

Dairy products are popular in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Due to the high outdoor temperatures, every step in the production of these products is closely monitored. This requires continuous reliable measurement, which was why the new VEGABAR series of measuring instruments have been entrusted with this important task at Al Rawabi Dairy.

Al Rawabi Dairy is a dairy and juice company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a wide range of products, which includes milk and yoghurt, the sour milk product Laban, as well as pasteurised juices and functional dairy products. At present, Al Rawabi Dairy
products are available in more than 12,500 shops in the UAE, Oman and Qatar.

Starting in 1989 with 500 milk cows imported from Germany, Al Rawabi Dairy now has 13,500 cows in its farm in Al Khawaneej. These supply the milk to produce 275,000 litres of milk products per day. A whopping 15,000 litres of juice are also produced on a daily basis.

Al Rawabi Dairy meets global requirements when it comes to quality and hygiene. It has also received several international awards for its innovations in this field. And it has made a name for itself in the production of multifunctional dairy products. These are enriched with multiple vitamins and minerals that contribute to improving the health of the consumers.

One component enabling this success is reliable measurement technology. It is essential for being able to adhere precisely to recipes and measure levels in the various processes accurately, whether during mixing, bottling, evaporating for cleaning and sterilising in place (CIP/SIP). Al Rawabi Dairy has been working together with VEGA on this task for several years. It all began with the installation of VEGABAR sensors for testing.

The easy handling of the instruments and the desired measuring results won over the plant operators. The compact series launched on the market in January 2020 is aimed at standard applications in automation, and designed for the requirements of the food industry. The sensors are available in several versions, and are characterised by flexibility, simple operation, and cost orientation. The sensor series was optimised for use in hygiene-sensitive applications, involving processes such as isolating active pharmaceutical agents, mixing ingredients of ready-to-eat meals, controlling storage, and flow in dairies or filling beverages into bottles.

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One feature of the new sensor series is the 360o status display, which makes all switching states visible from any direction. The user can choose from a palette of 256 colours.