Jungbunzlauer launches zinc gluconate and monomagnesium citrate

Jungbunzlauer has announced the launch of two new mineral salts: zinc gluconate and monomagnesium citrate. Zinc gluconate is derived from the neutralisation of gluconic acid with a high purity zinc source. Monomagnesium citrate is a partly neutralised magnesium salt of citric acid. Both products are part of Jungbunzlauer’s product group Special Salts, available through their sales offices and representatives.

Zinc gluconate is one of the most important organic zinc sources in food supplements and fortified foods and beverages. It shows excellent solubility properties, a fast dissolution speed and a nearly neutral taste. As an organic mineral salt, it is well absorbed by the body and offers a wide range of health benefits, such as contributing to the normal function of the immune system as well as the maintenance of normal bones, hair and skin.

Monomagnesium citrate is a monobasic magnesium salt of citric acid with a molar ratio of 1:1. It is used as mineral source in functional food, beverages, and food supplements. Due to its pleasant sour taste and high solubility, it is the magnesium salt of choice for mineral fortified beverage powders. As a partly neutralised salt it can be used as mild acidifier and acts as a magnesium source at the same time. With this, it contributes therefore to a shorter ingredient list and cleaner label.

These two new mineral salts extend Jungbunzlauer´s range of high-purity organic mineral sources. Minerals are essential to the human body as they play important roles in various physiological processes. Jungbunzlaur’s range of mineral salts have outstanding properties and they serve as ideal mineral source in food, beverages and dietary supplements.