JJ-LAPP celebrates two decades in South East Asia

JJ-LAPP marks two decades with a new strategy to aims to diversify its offerings across the APAC region

JJ-LAPP, the cable technology joint venture of Jebsen and Jessen Group and LAPP Holding Asia, has celebrated two decades of growth through regional expansion and strategic partnerships. 

Founded in 2004, the joint venture combines Jebsen & Jessen’s local knowledge and reach across the region with LAPP ‘s German-based engineering and manufacturing capabilities. JJ-LAPP embodies a shared commitment to delivering quality cable technology solutions to customers in the region. Today, JJ-LAPP has established its presence in South East Asia. With its initial footprint in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, JJ-LAPP has expanded to other key markets, including the Philippines and Vietnam.

Celebrating milestones and partnerships

Strategic partnerships and milestones have supported JJ-LAPP’s growth over the past two decades. In 2010, JJ-LAPP established a manufacturing facility in Indonesia, expanding its manufacturing capabilities in the region. 

JJ-LAPP has formed strategic partnerships throughout the region to grow its renewable energy segment and become a one-stop solutions provider for solar projects. This includes partnerships with Huawei, Trina Solar, and Clenergy. These strategic partnerships have facilitated access to solar PV projects by building on JJ-LAPP’s range of top-quality solar connectors and solar cables from LAPP and other world-renowned brands.

JJ-LAPP has also supported major projects across a diverse range of industries, including building automation, industrial automation, renewable energy, harnessing solutions, mining and machine building.

New focus industries and growth strategy

Looking ahead, JJ-LAPP is committed to further diversifying its offerings and expanding into focus industries, including food and beverage, machine maker, intralogistics, robotics, and switchgear/panel maker. With this growth strategy, the company will tap into its knowledge and resources to seize market opportunities.

“I’m immensely grateful for the past leaders who laid a strong foundation for our enduring partnership with LAPP Holding Asia and our people and partners who have consistently contributed to its success over the past two decades. I’m excited to build on this foundation as we embark on the next chapter of our success story,” said Marc von Grabowski, CEO of JJ-LAPP. “By leveraging our industry expertise and expanding our portfolio of best-in-class products and solutions, we’re poised to not only drive continued growth across the region but also enter new and exciting focus industries.”

“For over two decades, Jebsen & Jessen and LAPP Holding Asia have fostered a close and enduring partnership in the region. JJ-LAPP, in its 20th anniversary, is a testament to this remarkable collaboration – a joint venture that unites the complementary strengths of our two like-minded family businesses, built on shared values and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we have enjoyed a successful journey in building JJ-LAPP, and we look forward to driving its continued strategic expansion and growth in the region,” said Richard Lee, CEO of the Asia-Pacific region at LAPP Holdings Asia.