Ishida Leads the Way in Foreign Body Detection for Food Producers with Advanced X-Ray Range

Ishida Europe has launched a new range of X-ray inspection systems to help food manufacturers and processors comply with global safety standards and meet the demands of quality and safety -conscious retailers

Their new X-ray (IX) series raises the bar in performance and usability with a global range that meets all local territory standards. Offering customers easy maintenance and stress-free operation, the range includes a robust fail safe system that prevents a contaminated product reaching the consumer in the event of a power outage or breakdown, helping to minimise the potential for costly recalls.

Ciaran Murphy, Quality Control Business Manager at Ishida Europe comments: “With the IX range, we have harnessed the latest advances in imaging technology to create industry-leading X-ray inspection systems that meet the specific needs of our customers across all markets and sectors, offering unrivalled detection of foreign body contaminants.”

These machines deliver the level of certainty businesses need to meet the demands of their suppliers, both now and in the future. All models offer exceptionally sensitive foreign body contaminant detection and additional benefits such as the ability to identify damaged and missing products or components, helping our customers to achieve a rapid return on investment. Quick commercial returns are also achieved by ensuring that high quality product leaves the factory gate, safeguarding reputations while securing existing business and gaining new contracts through competitive advantage.

We are confident that the IX series offers the most comprehensive range of high-performance X-ray products on the market.”

The new range consists of three advanced X-ray systems:

  • The IX-EN series. This series is idealfor manufacturers requiring an affordable but highly accurate entry-level inspection solution. A reliable machine that balances impressive sensitivity with minimal operating costs, the IX-EN offers an excellent return on investment for manufacturers of uniform products such as bread, dried fruit, sliced cheese, yoghurt, pastry and confectionery.
  • The IX-GN series. This series is ideal for manufacturers looking for the highest level of certainty and the best possible performance for a wide range of products. Able to detect pieces of stainless steel as small as 0.3mm in diameter, plus aluminium, glass, stones, rubber, dense plastic and shells and at high speeds, it is suitable for a variety of packed and unpacked products and includes a compact, built-in air conditioning unit.
  • The IX-G2 series. This series is able to provide the highest level of quality assurance to processors and manufacturers of complex products including poultry, meat, vegetables and cereals. Its dual energy sensor detects what other inspection systems miss, providing highly effective X-ray detection of low-density objects from shells and stones to chicken bones, even in varying thickness or overlapping products. Its accurate inspection of low-density foreign bodies also minimises the risk of waste caused by false detection of a wide range of products.

The IX series also offers products that are specifically designed to cater for large packs or bottle applications.

Both the GN and the EN ranges use Ishida’s patented Genetic Algorithm (GA) image processing to deliver superior accurate inspection with many standard GA settings already stored in the machines for a range of products and possible foreign bodies.                              

Although all IX  systems offer the highest performance in the market, they are designed with ‘ease of use’ in mind, with the availability of touch screen interfaces that have user intuitive software. Everything within the new range has been designed to offer the maximum performance with the minimum cost in personnel training, to ensure producers can rapidly gain the benefits of their investment.