IPCO presents high-productivity solutions for baking and chocolate forming at Fispal

IPCO’s bake oven steel belt in action

IPCO will demonstrate the productivity benefits of its systems, including demonstrations of its Rotoform chocolate chip depositor, at Fispal Tecnologia 2024 from 18-21 Jun.

The company will provide further details of the latest addition to its range of conveyor components – a new belt tracking solution. They will also be highlighting the wraparound service support available to all customers.

IPCO manufacturers steel belts to the bakery and confectionery industries, supplying both OEMs and end users. The company’s bake oven belts offer strong thermal properties for efficient baking, easy cleaning, sustainability due to low heating costs, and a return on investment.

High-capacity chocolate forming systems

IPCO is a supplier of chocolate forming/moulding equipment, with systems designed for the production of industrial ingredients: chips, chunks, drops and blocks; and decorative products such as shavings, rolls, pencils, blossoms, etc. These include the Rotoform HP (high performance) chocolate forming system, a high-capacity rotary drop depositor that that can be used to form chips of different sizes from 30,000 to 300 pieces per kg by simply changing the shell.

Conveyor component ranges expanded with new tracking device

IPCO’s conveyor belt tracking system delivers fast, precise tracking and an extended belt life

IPCO has expanded its range of conveyor components with the introduction of a new compact belt tracking system, CBT 2G. Featuring a contact-free optical sensor that continuously monitors the position of the belt, the device immediately corrects any belt deviation to deliver fast, precise tracking and an extended belt life. The CBT 2G is the latest addition to a range of conveyor equipment encompassing everything from sheaves and shafts to bearings and breakpoints.