Into the iguverse: New concepts and new products

As the company crosses €1bn in annual sales for the first time in 2022, igus is excited to embark on transformative solutions for its customers

By Agatha Wong

This year, igus has presented 190 new motion plastics solutions. Guided by the concept, “Enjoyneering”, a portmanteau of enjoy and engineering, the company aims to incorporate the latest technologies — such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality — into their solutions and services. The goal: to provide customers with easy access to the right motion plastics product and have fun on the way, while being carbon-neutral and without plastic waste.

“You could almost say that we have been playing with technology to develop innovative services for our customers and noticed the creativity it has sparked in us. The boundaries of what is feasible are suddenly expanded, new perspectives are opened. We want to enable our customers to do the same – discover fascinating possibilities with technologies,” said Lena Tan, operations director of ASEAN at igus Singapore

A key highlight of this year’s igus press conference is the “iguverse”, a virtual reality where international teams can work on projects, build models, and coordinate projects. This digital space also allows for the building of 3D models for new machines, systems, and assemblies on a one-to-one scale. The digital twin, besides being used for training, can also allow teams to iron out any problems at the early stage. This thus reduces CO2 emissions from travelling to meet up while also ensuring that products can be developed faster and at a lower cost.

Tan said: “With the iguverse, we want to enable collaboration in virtual worlds and help make design more sustainable, cost-saving and time-efficient. Customers from all over the world can develop machines, plants, and vehicles together with engineers and project managers. At the same time, all our products will be available as digital twins. In a further step, we want to expand the iguverse to include a B2B platform for other manufacturers. They will then also be able to present machines and systems in virtual space, provided they use components from igus.”

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