Intertek & Roquette jointly launch new shared audit programme for the food industry

Intertek and Roquette have jointly announced the launch of a shared audit programme for the food industry. Built on the partnership between the two companies, the shared audit programme will allow multiple food companies to evaluate the same supplier simultaneously through a third-party audit while maintaining the same level of quality and safety.

This approach provides multiple advantages, including audit performed by a professional, tailored audit report, time optimization, and audit solution adapted to the current worldwide health situation.

As consumers and authorities are increasingly concerned about their supply chain risks, Intertek’s Supply Chain Assurance solutions cover the areas such as quality, food safety, traceability, and more. The collaboration between Roquette and Intertek will introduce the concept of shared audits to the food industry, and will help to take the next step forward in creating a safer food supply chain through the audit practices.

Intertek has had a systemic approach to Total Quality Assurance (TQA), and has developed innovative solutions in the areas of auditing, testing, inspection, and certification. The service provider also holds accreditation from the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) in production, and distribution sites’ assessment for raw materials and food products.

Katia Jambart, head of global customer service quality, Roquette, commented: “Knowing Intertek’s expertise in setting up shared audits and its tools available for their organisation, it was natural that we chose them to support us in the development and implementation of this new shared audit practice for our food customers.”

Intertek has been working with brand owners and industry groups to develop shared audit programmes since the early 2000s, first in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, and more recently for consumer goods, textiles, and apparels.

Alessandro Ferracino, regional director for business assurance and food activities, Intertek, concluded: “The launch of this programme with Roquette in France and internationally represents an important step in the development of our activities, with an increased desire to continuously seek and provide innovative solutions adapted to the needs of our customers.”