Indonesia: Sakatama Decides on Innovative Small-Format Carton Pack combiblocXSlim from SIG Combibloc

Indonesian company PT Sarana Karya Utama, known as Sakatama for short, has decided on the filling technology from SIG Combibloc, and installed a CFA1224-36 high-speed filling machine. With this machine, beverages can be filled in the small-format combiblocXSlim carton pack – a packaging innovation with potential for success.

Sakatama specialises mainly in co-packing in the health, wellness and fitness sectors. With the new filling machine from SIG Combibloc, the company offers beverage manufacturers a convenient way to offer products in an innovative packaging solution, without having to invest directly in the filling technology and the corresponding machines.

Francis Wanandi, President Director of Sakatama: ”Handy beverage packs that are convenient for people on the move are getting more popular in Asia. Therefore we see great potential for combiblocXSlim. The packs come in volumes of 80, 90, 100, 110, 125, 150 or 180 ml and offer perfect portion sizes. The flexible filling technology from SIG Combibloc is designed so that a broad product portfolio can be filled in the carton packs – and at a sensational speed of up to 24,000 carton packs per hour. Using one and the same filling machine, seven different volume sizes can be achieved. This makes us extremely flexible in terms of production and now beverage manufacturers who make use of our co-packing services can also benefit from it”.

Flexible and economical

The advantages of co-packing are obvious: to incorporate an alternative packaging solution into their portfolio, food manufacturers do not have to invest directly in their own filling and packaging lines – instead, they use packing services outside their own company. In this way, products can be brought onto the market quickly, flexibly, cost-effectively and in line with current trends, in innovative packaging solutions.

Francis Wanandi: “We aim to provide our customers with the best service when it comes to food and beverage filling and packaging services. So in the field of aseptic carton packs, we trust in the filling technology from SIG Combibloc. The innovative combiblocXSlim carton packs which we have now in our packaging portfolio are ideally suited for ‘on-the-go’ products, or for added-value products that appeal to health-conscious consumers. They’re also perfect for children’s beverages. With combiblocXSlim, we have in our portfolio an innovative and versatile packaging solution that offers our ambitious customers real added value”. With the CFA1224-36, milk and dairy products and non-carbonated soft drinks can be filled in combiblocXSlim small-format carton packs. The carton pack has a base area of 47 x 32.5 mm – giving it an exceptionally slim look.