Increase drink mix capacity and decrease labour with bulk bag weigh batch discharging

Twin flexible screw conveyors from the bulk bag dischargers connect to horizontally-oriented flexible screw conveyors on the mezzanine feeding sugar to the six juice cookers

Singabera produces natural ginger drink mixes and other Indonesian specialties from locally sourced ingredients and ships them to buyers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Japan and North America.

“We are committed to creating the highest quality products derived from natural plants while managing our environmental footprint,” said Michael Na, managing director of Singabera.

“At the old factory, we added coconut and cane sugar from 25kg bags, and everything was done by hand, including transporting and weighing the sugar and cutting the bags open one by one,” said Na. “That was a lot of work.”

Foreign objects entering the process were another concern.

“The US is our biggest market, and the standards are very strict. Any concern about quality is unacceptable,” explained Na. “We needed to do something different to have fewer people at the operation and to ensure consistency.”

To meet growing demand and raise quality standards, Singabera has built a new factory and installed twin BULK-OUT bulk bag weigh batch dischargers, each feeding parallel lines of three flexible screw conveyors, from Flexicon.

The automated system weighs and delivers fine sugar to six juice cookers at high rates while containing dust and improving safety.

The full article is available in the latest edition of Food & Beverage Asia August/September 2022 issue. To continue reading, click here.