Inaugural Food & Hotel Digital Week opens up a new online event format

Virtual event uncovers new opportunities for businesses as industry readies to enter new normal.

The first edition of Food & Hotel Digital Week recorded more than 5,000 industry professionals attending the five-day event which ran from 25-29 May 2020.

One highlight at the virtual event is the Online Product Showcases launchpad for new products, flavours and equipment. Online Product Showcases tailored to France, Malaysia as well as the Top 100 Foods and Top 100 Drinks dominated the first three days of Food & Hotel Digital Week.

More than 300 suppliers combined showcased their homegrown specialities, products and brands. French suppliers and brands highlighted milk products, cheeses, pastries, rotisserie ovens and induction cooktops. Packaged Asian sauces, fresh and frozen seafood, processed foods, combi-ovens, dishwashers and air and surface sterilisers were some other products showcased by Malaysian brands.

Popular food and beverage products in the Top 100 Foods and Top 100 Drinks highlights were frozen food, healthy snacks, plant-based meats, coffee, tea, juices and alcoholic beverages. Beyond Meat, Brauhaus Altenkunstadt Andreas Leik, and Foodsterr were some of the brands featured.

During the first three days of the event, the hotel sector was the most engaging buyer group for the County Pavilion Online Product Showcase. Many were looking for food-tech related products and disposables at 33% and 17% respectively. Distributors were recorded as the most engaged buyers for the Top 100 Foods Online Product Showcase; and Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were top engaging regions for Top 100 Drinks Online Product Showcase.

The Food & Hotel Digital Week also hosted industry webinar series on May 28, which covered a range of topics from food security, business intelligence to food-tech and sustainability and foodservice. The webinar series garnered more than 1,500 attendees from over 20 countries and regions, and more than 2,600 social views.

Ian Roberts, managing director – hospitality, food and beverage, Informa Markets, concluded: “We are pleased with the results of the first Food & Hotel Digital Week, it has proven that our digital initiatives were effective in helping our food and hospitality community come together, create value and hopefully come up with new ideas to help transform their businesses moving forward. I believe these virtual events are here to stay, and in time will truly complement our physical events to help businesses in their recovery and growth post-pandemic.”