In the stars with HOWTIAN’s cost-effective and delicious sugar substitutes

Dairy products have seen a surge in demand in recent years; meanwhile rising costs and health concerns have set tongues wagging on sugar reduction – can producers tap into these two compelling issues to create something sweet and exciting? Food & Beverage Asia finds out

Offering benefits such as digestive, bone, and dental health, dairy products have seen an increase in demand in the past few years. This is, in part, due to growing consumer education on the importance of consuming dairy products, as well as new product innovations such as flavoured yoghurt, milky drinks, and probiotic beverages that place a new spin on the ways one can consumer dairy.

On the other hand, consumers are concerned, now more than ever, the ingredients that go into their favourite dairy products. In a report published by Innova Market Insights, consumers indicated that 20% of consumers are influenced by “real ingredients” and “natural” claims when purchasing yoghurt. This suggests that while there is increasing demand for dairy products, consumers also wish to reap maximum health benefits – ranging from low in sugar claims, plant-based ingredients instead of chemical ones, among others.

Tom Fuzer, vice-president of market strategy at HOWTIAN, concurs with this observation: “The demand for sugar-reduced dairy products has been steadily increasing over the last few years and we expect that this trend will only continue […] The growth is particularly strong with yogurt products, where sugar-free claims have risen by an average of 21% each year. With the demand for sugar reduction in dairy clearly established, the market opportunity for such products has never looked more attractive.”

To that end, HOWTIAN has developed the SoPure Galaxy-Series, a broad range of stevia comprising of various lead extracts including the popular Reb A, and other microglycosides such as Reb M, D, B and more. In addition, the range will include glycosoylated stevia products, which are stevia blends that incorporate other sweeteners.

“The new Galaxy-Series is the latest addition to what we call stevia specialties – our proprietary sweetening solutions that combine different steviol glycosides into optimized formulas for a variety of product applications,” shared Fuzer. “SoPure Galaxy was specially formulated to leverage the different taste profile and sweetness intensity of each of our glycosides into creating an ideal sweetener and sugar substitute for dairy applications. In various testing, Galaxy was found to elevate milky notes, enhance the creamy mouthfeel, and prolong the fruity notes of different dairy products.”

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