In full bloom: Tetra Pak and DenEast launch innovation centre in Vietnam

Nestled in Binh Duong, the industrial heart of Vietnam, Bloom seeks to serve new and emerging brand owners keen on innovation and product development – under one roof, and cost effectively

By Agatha Wong

In a partnership with DenEast, a global provider of agriculture, food, beverage, and renewable energy solutions, Tetra Pak has launched Bloom – a one-stop innovation centre located in Binh Duong, Vietnam. Designed to provide cost-efficient solution to the markets, Bloom seeks to incubate and accelerate new concepts in the market with product development best practices. Customers can expect to also scale from trials to production with the centre’s access to food licenses and availability of flexible and advanced technology; in turn, this allows them to remove the need for capital equipment investment, particularly for emerging businesses. Additionally, remote trials can be conducted, giving the centre a global reach. Together, these services allow customers to turn their ideas into reality – a reflection of the centre’s name.

Johan Boden, CEO of DenEast, remarked: “Prior to Bloom’s launch, where we wanted to find a way to support brand customers with innovative solutions, the innovation centre’s project name was the Incubator. Thereafter, we developed a list of over 100 names to better position what the centre represents, and from there we chose ‘Bloom’ for its positive connotations – because for something to truly bloom, one needs good seeds, good soil, and good weather conditions, and that is what we are aiming for. With Bloom, businesses and brand owners can bloom with our support.”

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