Improve accuracy and process economy with new lower-flow Twin Screw Pumps

A leading provider of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling products


Alfa Laval aims to enhance the productivity and the competitiveness of its customers worldwide by delivering sustainable products and solutions to meet their requirements in the energy, food, marine and environmental sector.  In this context, they are definitely a leading global provider of first-rate products. 

The popular Alfa Laval pump comes in three sizes and is capable of   increasing both accuracy and process economy. Optimised to better handle lower flow rates for hygienic applications including the dairy, food and beverage and home-personal care industries, it is also designed for process flexibility and the pump is built on a robust, reliable platform which meets stringent hygienic standards.

The twin screw pump is capable of handling both product transfer and cleaning-in-place (CIP). Its low pulsation characteristics and excellent solid handling capability means that not only are operational costs reduced, there is also less risk of product damage, thereby improving overall product quality. Not only is maintenance simplified, its process uptime increased.

Less is more for pump design

By increasing the performance envelope of the pump, consumers can reap the benefits of lower flow rates, better accuracy, higher volumetric efficiency and greater economical operation. Like all other Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pumps, these smaller but mightier new models excel at multi-duty applications, handling both product transfer and cleaning duties, which eliminates the need for a separate cleaning-in-place pump and bypass piping. In the process, cost savings can accumulate thanks to a truly front-loading cartridge seal which simplifies maintenance and extends process uptime.

Pump portfolio manager at Alfa Laval, John Walker, explained, “Optimised for lower-flow product transfer, the three new Twin Screw Pump models extend the current pump range to deliver higher accuracy and process economy, boosting both product quality and yield.”                      

Higher product quality with virtually pulse-free operation

The new compact, lower-flow Twin Screw Pumps is the right choice for low-shear transfer of sensitive, abrasive and high and low viscosity fluids with high large solid content. Low pulsation characteristics greatly reduce the risk of product damage, thereby improving product quality.