IMCD inaugurates meat, seafood and plant-based analogues pilot plant in Thailand

IMCD has opened its meat, seafood and plant-based analogues pilot plant in Bangkok, Thailand, to support its Asia-Pacific customers and suppliers with the latest infrastructure and technical expertise. This is part of the company’s plan to expand its technical capabilities and presence in the region.

The facility provides manufacturing capability that allows its customers the flexibility to run tests in an environment similar to their own operations. The technical team offers product concept solutions in the area of yield optimisation, food safety, shelf life extension, and improved texture. They will also focus on offering nutritional solutions like egg white and phosphate replacer in the seafood applications.

Through this facility, IMCD and its partners can develop improved textures, compatible with their processing and matching consumers expectations on firmness and juiciness. As taste and visual attractiveness remains the utmost criteria of choice, IMCD continues on developing its offer in Asia-Pacific on flavours, seasonings and clean label.

Emmanuel Colette, business group director, food and nutrition, Asia-Pacific, IMCD, commented: “With more than 45% of consumers globally choosing food and beverages products that enhance their immune system, our new technical infrastructure will support our partners’ R&D and marketing teams to co-create nutritional and premium tasting solutions.

“With the opening of this new pilot plant, IMCD aims to serve the Asia-Pacific food market by helping its customers overcome their challenges through agile ingredients’ testing and product reformulation.”

Through the growing demand of plant-based food alternatives, IMCD plans to embark on a co-creation journey with its customers and suppliers to go in-depth into the applications of plant-based products to provide a healthier and better tasting solutions for the region.