igus new slewing ring bearing demonstrates low costs and sustainability

igus has added a ready-to-install low-cost variant made from regranulated high-performance plastics to its iglidur PRT series

igus has added a new variant to the iglidur PRT series of slewing ring bearings. The PRT-05-15-PC not only reduces costs, but also protects the environment. The new slewing ring bearing consists of 97% regranulated plastics.

Slewing ring bearings are used in a large number of rotary movements around a fixed axis, from packaging machines to assembly lines. However, for many bearing points with low loads, such as those found in furniture construction or display technology, the bearings are often oversized and too expensive. Therefore, such applications often contain metal ball bearings. However, the rolling bearings often take up a lot of space and require assembly work because they often need fitting. They are also maintenance-intensive as they require continuous lubrication to function.

“To eliminate these disadvantages, we decided to add a ready-to-install, low-cost variant to our slewing ring bearing portfolio,” said Marc Trenkler, iglidur PRT product manager at igus. “So far, there have been hardly any ready-to-install, relatively inexpensive slewing ring bearings on the market.”

Minimalist design reduces installation space, weight and costs

“Our goal was to produce a light, compact, ready-to-install bearing with as few components as possible,” said Trenkler regarding the slewing ring bearing design, which follows minimalist principles

The PRT-05-15-PC consists of just an inner ring and an outer ring, which slide over each other without balls. It is manufactured in an injection-moulding process from lightweight plastic without metal. It has a diameter of 100mm, is only 10mm high and weighs 72g. The reduced complexity makes the slewing ring bearing not only compact and lightweight, but also quick to assemble.

“Our employees only have to put the inner and outer ring together with a clip bearing. This allows us to offer the bearing to our customers at low cost,” said Trenkler.

Low-cost slewing ring bearing made of 97% regranulate

The PRT-05-15-PC contains 97% regranulated iglidur M260 and iglidur P4 high-performance plastics. These are materials, such as production sprue, that have already been processed. Plastics are thus saved from incineration and contribute to a circular economy. The plastic also has microscopic integrated solid lubricants that are released during operation and allow low-friction dry operation without lubricating grease for an added environmentally friendly effect.

The polymer bearings are also durable, especially outdoors; they do not corrode and are resistant to contamination from grease and dirt. This means that they do not have to be replaced as often.

“The iglidur PRT-05-15-PC thus contributes to the EU sustainability strategy,” said Trenkler.