igus’s Module Connect allows quick access to customised interface at online shop

With the connector, 180 individual parts offer new configuration options for energy chain connections

Users can order custom interfaces in the igus Module Connect online shop (Image: igus)

igus has developed Module Connect, a space-saving plug-in connector for connecting electric cables, fibre optic cables and pneumatic hoses. The connector primarily used wherever a large number of cables are connected in energy chains and space is at a premium. For free, individual plug-in module configuration, igus has now added 180 individual parts for Module Connect to its online shop.

A single connector for everything instead of many individual ones is the principle of Module Connect. The name stands for a modular system for plug-in modules developed by igus. Customers can select suitable modules from a variety of different connectors, combine them, before selecting the right housings and connecting them, thus achieving multiple module variations with individual widths and heights. The result is a space-saving, individual plug connection. igus uses Harting’s “Han-Modular” product range for its connector system.

“Module Connect gives the customer a ready-to-connect assembly with a defined interface that reduces assembly time by 80%,” said Markus Hüffel, readycable and readychain product manager at igus.

To allow customers to design their modules as they wish and buy them directly, igus now offers finished sets with three or four cable entries, as well as 180 individual parts from Module Connect in the web shop. Users can find anything from individual housing parts and locking mechanisms to power, signal, data transmission, and pneumatic modules and contacts.

“This gives users complete freedom to customise their interface,” said Hüffel. “We are constantly expanding our range.”

A strong and reliable connection

Accessories, such as the locking and strain relief elements integrated into the housing, ensure maximum reliability. They enclose the connector and provide for a strong connection, even when there are tens of thousands of movements. The Module Connect housing components are made of fibre-reinforced high-performance plastic that weighs 50% less than classic rectangular connectors. The Module Connect adapter joins the Module Connect plug-in connector and the energy chain to form a coherent assembly. The Module Connect adapter can be added even to existing energy supply systems.