Ideagen Launches New ‘Modern, Slick and Visually Rich’ Version of Q-Pulse in 25th Anniversary of the Software

Ideagen, the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software provider, has launched a new and improved version of its Q-Pulse application to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the software.

The UK-based firm – which has a global presence with sites in the UK, Europe, US, SE Asia and the UAE – unveiled Q-Pulse version 7 on Monday, August 5th, marking the latest evolution of the quality, safety, risk and compliance management application.

Q-Pulse is used across the food, beverage and packaging industries to solve common problems faced by organisations around compliance with standards, product recalls, withdrawals and general quality management.

As well as maintaining the software’s existing functionality, the browser-based Q-Pulse 7 comes with powerful dashboards for increased business intelligence and an intuitive user experience.

Ian Hepworth, Ideagen’s Chief Technology Officer, joined the company in May, 2018, to drive the development of Q-Pulse 7.

He said: “For any software product to remain at the top of the market for 25 years is an extraordinary achievement. To have one of our own reach that milestone is very special indeed and we are incredibly proud of the software and this latest iteration.

“With Q-Pulse 7, we believe we have produced a modern, slick and visually rich software product that has really taken the application to the next level. We have focussed on bringing data from all across the business to life through visually appealing and quickly consumable dashboards to ensure that users can access information that is important to them quickly and easily.

“Also, thanks to its web-based interface, the system can be accessed anytime, anywhere – significantly extending its overall reach.”

Ian continued: “Q-Pulse 7 marks an exciting next step in the future of the product and in Ideagen itself. We believe this release provides a solid foundation for the software to continue to lead the way across the food and beverage industries for at least another quarter of a century.”

Launched originally in 1994, Q-Pulse first came into prominence as a quality management solution, helping organisations make the first moves to paper-free control of processes related to document, audit and corrective action management.

Since then, each version has expanded its capability to help Q-Pulse become a trusted solution across the global food and beverage industry.

George Hall, Product Manager for Q-Pulse, said: “Q-Pulse helps organisations build a repository of business-critical information that they can use to improve other processes. With Q-Pulse 7, all of this information can be surfaced immediately to improve the understanding of business performance like never before. It really goes beyond simple analysis and opens up the entire database for scrutiny.”

Ben Dorks, Ideagen CEO, added: “Since 1994, Q-Pulse has evolved from an innovative quality management solution to become the leading application across the food and beverage industries for quality, safety, risk and compliance management. The success of the software during that time is testament to the talent, knowledge and foresight of our team within Ideagen and our customer base who have helped to shape Q-Pulse into the product that we see today.

“The release of Q-Pulse 7 is a significant one that has been eagerly awaited by our clients across the globe and we are delighted to finally be able to shout about it. We believe that Q-Pulse 7 will play a huge part in cementing our position as the leading provider of quality, safety, risk and compliance software to the food and beverage industry globally.”