Hubergroup Print Solutions introduces Hydro-X GA water barrier coating for production of food packaging

Hubergroup Print Solutions has development a barrier coating that protects against water. The Hydro-X GA water barrier coating is designed for surface printing in the packaging industry, both in the food and non-food sectors. By using a revised formulation of the binding agents for the water-based coating, Hydro-X GA eliminates the need for polyethylene (PE) film lamination as a water barrier.

The adoption of Hydro-X GA allows packaging manufacturers to switch from laminate structures to mono-material paper. For this step, only one more available inking unit is needed to apply the coating. Some advantages include improved recyclability, lower material costs and reduced processing times.

The coating provides water-repellent surface, thereby increasing the shelf life of the product. The barrier coating is particularly applicable for use in the packaging industry, specifically for packaging moisture-sensitive foodstuffs such as sugar, flour and dry animal food. This protective coating prevents unnecessary food waste, and is suitable for both coated and uncoated paper.

Dr Lutz Frischmann, global product director flexible packaging, Hubergroup Print Solutions, pointed out that the packaging industry is “undergoing major change”, and recognised the trend towards mono-materials and therefore towards barrier coatings. He said: “At present, we are working intensively to develop and manufacture additional protective coatings, such as an oxygen barrier coating. Due to the sustainability aspect, we see big potential in these product groups.”