HOWTIAN’s SoPure Andromeda tackles taste, cost, and health in reduced-sugar beverages

(Image: HOWTIAN)

With consumers increasingly demanding products that offer healthy indulgence, sugar reduction in today’s beverages is a common threefold challenge of achieving deep cuts in sugar content, replicating sugar’s delicious taste, plus all the while maintaining a clean, “natural” product label. With that, HOWTIAN has introduced the SoPure Andromeda. Andromeda, part of HOWTIAN’s SoPure family of stevia products, is a range of stevia blends designed for a wide range of beverage applications.

“As a natural sweetening solution that offers superior taste performance and significant cost savings over sugar, HOWTIAN’s SoPure Andromeda unlocks new opportunities in sugar reduction for the beverage industry,” said Tom Fuzer, vice-president of market strategy.

Following a study at HOWTIAN’s Shanghai Application Technology & Innovation Centre, Andromeda blends have been shown to enhance a variety of beverages compared to conventional Reb A stevia extracts. The blends of steviol glycosides have been formulated to deliver better taste at a cost-effective price, even in beverage applications looking to achieve high levels of sugar reduction and replacement.

Industry efforts to increase the levels and accelerate the pace of sugar reduction in beverages come hardly as a surprise. A National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that sugar-sweetened beverages are the number-one source of excess sugar consumption globally. 

“This places the beverage category squarely as a target for sugar reduction initiatives and regulatory actions like sugar taxes. In addition, rapidly rising sugar prices paired with declining global production of sugar have pressured beverage manufacturers to seek more cost-effective sweetening solutions,” noted Fuzer.

In spite of this, there remain hurdles for many beverage companies when it comes to reformulating and sweetening their products with alternatives. Sugar provides a rich, unadulterated sweet taste, whereas sugar substitutes can sometimes produce a lingering, bitter aftertaste at higher concentrations. Beyond sweetness, other taste components of the beverage can also be affected, as well as the body, the smoothness and the overall mouthfeel. Many sugar replacements can lead to an imbalance between sweetness and acidity, or in some cases sourness, in the product.

To overcome these challenges, SoPure Andromeda products have been designed to deliver a sweetening solution for beverages that offers the taste and sensory performance of conventional stevia and other sugar alternatives:

  • Better overall taste performance compared to the most popular form of Reb A stevia in beverage applications
  • Faster onset of sweetness and minimised after-taste
  • Enhanced fresh fruit flavour
  • Neutralised bitterness and metallic off-notes
  • 100% natural, plant-based, and clean label sugar alternative

SoPure Andromeda products are fully-natural, stevia-based sweetener blends, ideal for formulating clean label beverage products. According to Innova Market Insights, consumers around the world perceive stevia as the “most natural” sugar alternative by far, beating out alternatives including sucralose, aspartame, erythritol, allulose and more.

SoPure Andromeda addresses both taste and cost concerns that beverage manufacturers face today. Andromeda provides up to 64% in cost savings on sweetener components compared to traditional sugar. This makes it not only a healthier choice but also an economically attractive one for beverage companies operating in an increasingly cost-conscious market.