HOWTIAN introduces SoPure Galaxy Series

HOWTIAN reaffirms its commitment to providing solutions that meet evolving consumer preferences with a new stevia product

HOWTIAN has unveiled the SoPure Galaxy-Series, a stevia product range formulated to enhance dairy applications and meet growing consumer demand for healthier and more natural dairy products.

According to the UN Food & Agriculture Organization, the global dairy market boasts an extensive consumer base, with over six billion of the world’s population consuming dairy products on a daily basis. As consumer preferences shift towards healthier options — with “naturalness” as the number one claim consumers expect in their dairy products according to a 2023 Innova Market Insights Survey — the reduction of sugar in dairy products has become a significant focus for the industry.

In response to this demand, dairy product manufacturers worldwide have been developing reduced-sugar yogurts, milky beverages, and other products to cater to evolving, health-conscious consumers — with “no added sugar,” “sugar-free,” and “low sugar” claims accounting for 10-11% of all dairy innovations. As a result, more than one third of dairy products globally have chosen to use stevia over the past five years.

Stevia has emerged as an ideal sugar substitute for dairy products due to its plant-based origin and associated health benefits.

Not all stevia is created equally, however. HOWTIAN witnessed the early challenges when adopting this natural solution for the dairy industry; after all, not all stevia varieties deliver optimal results in every application. To address these challenges, HOWTIAN’s Innovation and Science Centre, in collaboration with the company’s dairy-industry professionals and partners, have developed an affordable and adaptable stevia product line for dairy applications: the SoPure Galaxy-Series. Its namesake “Galaxy” derives from the Greek word for “Milky Way” and reflects the company’s ambition to lead dairy manufacturers into the future of natural sugar alternatives.

“The SoPure Galaxy-Series products offer an exceptional sensory profile in dairy, closely resembling the sweetness of full-sugar benchmarks, while also reducing development time and delivering up to 45% cost savings on the sweetener compound,” said Tom Fuzer, vice-president of market strategy at HOWTIAN.

For manufacturers of dairy products, the SoPure Galaxy-Series delivers:

  • ● Virtually identical sweetness profile to full sugar in yogurts
  • ● Enhanced milky notes and prolonged fruity flavours
  • ● Rich, creamy mouthfeel when combined with bulking agents
  • ● Clean label with zero calories

The SoPure Galaxy-Series performs better high purity RebA — at less than half the cost of Reb M — which is attributed to its consistent solubility.