Hot on the trail of chocolate taste

  • “Milk Chocolate Mania” combines professional sensory and consumer research 
  • Focus on preferred taste
  • Predictive model used to support the development and modification of milk chocolate

How should milk chocolate taste to delight Germany? Symrise aims to address this question in its “Milk Chocolate Mania” project, with a goal to support producers of milk chocolate in creating the beloved chocolate taste. Symrise helps to predict whether a type of milk chocolate will satisfy the palate of its target group or individual enthusiasts prior to launch into the market. In this way, Symrise supports them choose taste nuances so that chocolate bars hit the right notes with German consumers. 

Germans love to snack – here in Germany, approximately 8.7kg of different chocolate types are consumed per captia every year. With 116 chocolate bars per person annually, Germany claimed the top spot as the chocolate country, overtaking Switzerland which was placed second. 

At 21%, milk chocolate is clearly the preferred variety – followed by dark and extra dark chocolate. So Symrise has delved deep into this passion. Experts from the in-house department for sensory and consumer insights identified and systematised the different elements of the taste profiles of numerous milk chocolate varieties. They then translated this knowledge into chocolate profiles, and combined them with the preferences of consumers in Germany, which they identified through a consumer survey.

With the help of the data generated, Symrise developed a predictive model that provides the basis for the company and its customers to improve the success of milk chocolate together. This applies both to new and existing chocolate products. 

“We wanted to understand what consumers like about their favourite milk chocolates,” Katharina Scholz, product specialist for sweet products at Symrise, explained the origins of the project. “With Milk Chocolate Mania, producers of milk chocolate can now use our knowledge about the market in Germany, and the taste preferences of consumers. Together, we want to create chocolate to melt for.”