Hologram Sciences launches personalised health and nutrition innovation with US$100M backing from DSM

Backed by Royal DSM, Hologram seeks to disrupt nutrition marketplace by offering consumer-facing personalised solutions.

Royal DSM has announced the launch of Hologram Sciences, a consumer-facing company that will create brands targeting various health conditions. By combining health diagnostics, digital coaching and personalised nutrition, Hologram Sciences brands will provide consumers with holistic solutions to manage their health.

Hologram Sciences is backed with a US$100 million investment by Royal DSM, which has made personalised nutrition a key pillar in its nutrition strategy, allowing the company to combine a range of capabilities and resources to cover the entire personalised nutrition value chain all the way to the consumer. Hologram Sciences will provide consumer-facing personalised nutrition solutions that have been clinically proven to address a variety of consumer health needs.

As solutions are validated in-market, they will be available to DSM customers. Hologram will also work to incubate products with DSM customers and partners, based on the latest consumer insights and leveraging their agile approach.

Along with nutritional supplements and diagnostics, the company’s digital platform will provide consumers with a personalised experience including access to registered dietitians, allowing them to better understand how their lifestyle, nutrition and other factors impact overall health and what they can do to live healthier lives.